New Character Reference Sheet

There’s a new character guide in the Gallery link! There’s quite a few characters to keep track of so I thought this might help new readers and seasoned ones alike keep ’em straight (although…surprisingly few of them are straight. Hehe. Heh.) 🙂


Mini Comics Part 2

Another set of character prompt asks 🙂

PS: If it’s too small for you to read, right click the image and “open image in new tab” so you can embiggen’ it!Tumblr Answers - Character Meme 2


Mini Comics

A while ago I found a character meme with a number of prompts that you could answer in regards to your characters. I let readers pick some they were interested in and instead of typing something out, I answered with goofy mini comics.  I uh…had fun with it, haha.Tumblr Answers - Character Meme 1


Smut Happens

“Boy I sure do have a lot of work to do on these next pages!” I think, sitting down at the desk enthusiastically

:immediately begins drawing smut: 

fooling around

Welp ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ