Part One Cover

Let the journey begin!

  • I’ve finished the part one, but I’m going to re-read it again now.

  • Jermany


  • Jessica

    Well, I’ve no clue where I left off. I kind of think it was in the first dozen or so pages of part two… soooo, I suppose I’ll be re-reading. ๐Ÿ˜… Not that that’s a problem, because I loved this comic the first time around. See, my boyfriend moved in and so I’ve spent a lot less time on my laptop, which means I’ve spent a whole lot less time reading all the comics I had bookmarked. I just recently downloaded the Patreon app to check another comic and saw an update from you and, well, it jogged my memory. I’m super excited to get back into EA, I’ve got so much to catch up on. P.S. You take care of that wrist! Definitely don’t want to re-hurt it, I’ve been there, it killed me not to be able to write. Rest up! ๐Ÿ˜

    • Ahh, I’m glad to have you back! ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m feeling a lot better but you’re right; I’ll be taking it slow for a while!

  • I just finished reading everything and omg. Wasn’t sure about this comic at first, and now I feel foolish for ever doubting this would be a good read.

    This was a GREAT read. It’s funny and sexy but also touching at times (made me feel for demons? how?????????? witchcraft) and I’m dying to see more updates.

    Keep up the amazing work and take care!! <3

  • tylen

    why is this comic so stinking good i read all the way up to the last page and OMG ITS SO GOOD and also if there is a notification tab PLZ TELL ME I WANT TO KNOW WHEN THE NEXT PAGE IS OUT OR IF THERE IS A LIST SAYING WHEN IT GETS UPDATED PLZZZ TELL ME

    • I’m glad you’re enjoying! You can get notified of updates a few ways – if you use an RSS reader like Feedly, you can subscribe to the RSS feed in the top right corner of the header bar on this page. Or if you’re on Twitter or Tumblr I also post updates to the comic there! โ™กโœง( เฅโ€ขโŒ„โ€ข )
      Updates are every other Saturday!

      • tylen

        really? thank you so much for replying back to me on this because this is my first erotic comic but the characters are really awesome and im enjoying the story so far and what is your tumblr so i can follow it because im enjoying the ride (not the sexual way but although if i had al as a husband then SIGN ME THE FUCK UP ON RIDING HIM LIKE A FUCKING COWBOY) XD

      • tylen

        oh and uhh idk if you normally take idea’s for your comics but i was thinking of a funny scenario where ethan would be walking in from the mess hall and then when he walks in through the door he would fine al in the bed stretched out naked and then ethan would hear someone walking right behind him then he slams the door shut in a panic and told the person (because him and that person were talking while heading to class and his room was on the way and he needed to grab something) that something happened to he told the person to go on ahead and then walks in the room as red as a tomato and wanting to kill al for trying to pull something funny so then he tries yelling at al for trying to pull this stunt and al being his flirty self starting flattering ethan by saying how cute he looks when he’s mad and then you know where to go from there xD