Part 3: Pg 227

Two page update beginning HERE!

Chuck gives Ethan a pep talk while our possessed patient Alex gives the whole team an earful…deep breath, Ethan!


  • Stephen Hutchison

    And page 227.

    Asmo, you have officially creeped me the fuck out.

    “Poppa made ME most Pretty!” yeahhhh, no. WAY too many heads.

    I now have a creepy mental image of several clairvoyants or other vulnerables with different heads stuck through them like a Rat King of Lurker Possession.

    Ethan, you can do this. It’s just a leech, you killed a legionnaire and about 20 Waifs and a small boat-load of soldiers. Just be ready to punch it in the goolies. I have heard from other demons that being punched in the goolies hurts no matter what you are.

    • I had a lotta fun getting to draw a creepy possession! (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و

      • Stephen Hutchison

        So, what keeps lurkers from trying to grab bound demons? Wrong flavor? Collars?

        Can lurkers touch stuff without being integrated into a human first?

        • IIIIII…cannot speak one way or another on these matters, you’re gonna have to speculate this one on your own (๑•͈ᴗ•͈)

          • Stephen Hutchison

            So “you’ll see get out of the kitchen it’ll be ready when it’s ready” …

          • Stephen Hutchison

            Discus is defective. It lacks the “puppy dog eyes” emoji that I want to put here.

  • TwilightDreamer

    Man that is sooo creepy…..
    …you got this Ethan!!

  • Gaelan

    So what does the Lurker get out of doing this?

    Is possession just a fun pasttime, or is it serving some other purpose?

    • I got a whoooole backstory for Lurkers but essentially, they siphon off a human’s soul until there’s nothing left, then they move on – a parasite of the underworld!

      • Stephen Hutchison

        So possibly the possession victim autopsy class from Day 2 evening was looking at Lurker victims?

        • That’s it in a nutshell – your soul is your will and all that it encompasses, so once it’s been consumed there’s nothing left to keep your physical body running. And that’s a really interesting story, I didn’t know there was such a strong connection with the T hormone, although I suppose it’s not surprising!

  • lacey

    *rubs hands together furiously* HERE WE GO

  • fujoshifanatic

    Holy shitballs…stay the course Ethan! Just do what you do best, and let Chuck support you! Man, this looks like it’s gonna get nasty!

    • Multi-limbed horrific monster vs Ethan: Who will win?!

      • NoteLegend

        Well I think we know from thee past that Ethan can handle a few extra limbs 😉 wink* wink*

        • We could recycle the nudge nudge gif here…

        • *recycles the nudge-nudge gif*

  • Jessica

    Who wants to bet that the scene is gonna have Al in it, or maybe some old ‘memories’ from a past life?

  • Panel 5 is definitely, officially THE “Jesus fuck…” face.

  • tylen

    this is the one time im gonna be rooting for you ethan DONT FUCK THIS UP xD

  • Madeline Weller

    it’ll be fiiiine

    • No cause for concern here!

    • tylen

      you might lose a limb or 2 ethan but you’ll be just fiiiiine

  • Wanda

    Well, she hasn’t projectile vomited on anyone yet. Progress?

    • NoiseShaper

      They knew better than to serve pea soup to her.

  • Sherbed Lemon

    I would be more comfortable if he made at least short assuring eye contact with Al before this

    • Should have made it at 2? Or can they make eye contact true their connection?

    • He had a last chance at ‘…two…’. But maybe they can make “eye contact” through their link?

  • Hover text:

    Ethan: Furiously considering literally any other career option right about now

  • I wonder which part disgusted them? Was it “Papa made me pretty”?

    And is he seriously regretting his career options? He sounded pretty damn sure of his life plan just last night.

    • Nah, I’m just goofin’ on the page captions (。•̀ᴗ-)✧

  • Stephen Hutchison

    Further analysis….

    Ethan is calm the same way he was when he summoned Al three days ago.


    I kinda love Demon Possessed Leer in panel 2. It’s so … cheerful.

    Not enough to swap out Happiest Snek Demon as my avatar yet, though.

    Also … geez. If he has Adrian memories pulled out by that hot mess, it will probably NOT be to Hot Mess’s benefit.
    Stryder and Adrian created LOTS of new ways to exorcise.

    • Webcomic time vs In-story time is ridiculous, isn’t it? Bless any reader who can follow the story at the pace of 4 pages a month (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)

      • Stephen Hutchison

        We are happy to have it at that rate given that six per month nearly ruined your wrists.

  • Hover text:

    Ethan: Furiously considering literally any other career option right about now

  • I am already tense. i am expecting some fucked up illusion.

  • David Welbourn

    I don’t like it that Alex called Al and Goliath “dogs”; that’s disrespectful. But we’ll see if Ethan (with assistance from the others) can make her change her tune.

    Also… this is highly speculative, but I wonder if way down the road, if Ethan and Al will get sympatico enough so that Ethan can use the Sight without Al losing his. And if that does happen, I further suspect that they’ll want to keep that ability secret. I have no idea why I think this might be in their future, but it feels like it’s an actual possibility.

    • Stephen Hutchison

      It’s the common slur given to C-Class demons who are magically bound to provide their strength and sight to Exorcists. If you recall, there was a lot of “mutt mutt mutt” from Adam the Dicklord. And Lurkers don’t respect other demons because they know that they are prettiest.

  • Jay

    I know the lurker is supposed to be horrifying and disgusting, what with all the limbs and heads, but the way you drew and colored it just makes me think it is a finely sculpted porcelain statue, and I’m just sitting here wondering what it looks like all stretched out. :/
    (It really is beautifully drawn Asmo, and I love the way it keeps pointing it’s possession victim’s pinky fingers, great visual characterization!)

    • Stephen Hutchison

      Ask and you shall receive. Also? If you haven’t taken the time, when you get a chance, look at the comic from the beginning again.

      • Jay

        I have read it from the beginning, but I think it’s been awhile since I took a look in the archives. Isn’t Asmo redrawing a lot of the first chapter? Maybe I’ll take your advice!

  • mgnduck


  • NoiseShaper

    “And, look juicy!”

  • Helo227

    i love how Al and Goliath just look so done with this demon already! If you ask me, Al is better than any other demon, but that’s just my opinion.