• Stephen Hutchison

    Page 226 is up and GOSH what a sweetheart, this lurker.
    Picture analysis time …
    Clock is at 8:88 — which is probably not the actual time of day. Also, clock, lamp, and pill bottle, all levitating.
    Soldier Demons, not particularly afraid, and not particularly impressed. They can hear the hellspeak and presumably understand it, but not likely to be able to SEE it. Not that they necessarily want to.

    The black cloudy mess is probably how Ethan sees it with one headlight on.
    And Ethan has to drop the sanctuary.

    I wonder though. Is lurkie-jurkie about to discover something bad when Ethan isn’t as easy to grab as he thinks because Ethan just HAD his greatest desire all night? Are we going to see another ‘sanctuary’ episode?

    Is Malthus just WAITING to suddenly drop in and “visit” Al?

  • Nice to meet you, too, Alex! 😀

  • Wanda

    Is 888 the new number of the beast? Or is that demon trying to spell BOOB unsuccessfully?

    • :imagines lurker waggling eyebrows while everyone else sighs:

      • Gaelan

        Al is rolling on floor; laughing at the terrible attempt at being lewd. He offers to give tips

        • Stephen Hutchison

          Even ETHAN could do a better job.

  • Hover text:

    Patience is a virtue, Alex

  • How does Chuck keep the bangs of his hair sticking up like that? Gel?

    • Stephen Hutchison

      Sure, let’s go with that.

      Well, tbh, probably Brylcreem, the original Men’s Hair Molding Product. Look up brylcreemusa dot com

      It’s what James Dean and Marlin Brando used after all.

      • Ok fine, this is probably more reasonable than my guess

        • Stephen Hutchison

          A Little Dab’ll Do Ya!!

          Seriously I remember the radio commercials and they used to have signs along the roads in imitation of the Burma-Shave signs.

          What? I’m still not older than some C-Classes.

    • I’m squinting at whatever the T-Birds use in the Grease movie…industrial strength tire mounting lube is my best guess haha

      • Stephen Hutchison

        OH! They used (or misused) pomade… which was basically beeswax and mineral oil. Brylcreem was better because it was less sticky so it didn’t get your hair dirty as fast.

  • Saasan

    So, she seems nice.