Part 3: Pg 225

Two new pages this week, starting HERE!

Chuck finishes up the crash course on Lurker exorcism, and Ethan starts to feel a case of the jitters coming on after meeting J.C…

  • Stephen Hutchison

    Ethan, it’s time to chat with your demon about how to defend.

    • TigerCub37

      Totally misread that last part as, “do that again if it gets really NUDE.” XD

      • Stephen Hutchison

        Lurkers are always nude. Especially when they are outside their possessed victims. And they’re horrid nightmare monstrosities.

      • tylen

        honestly i thought it said nude at first as well XD

    • NoiseShaper

      The way this particular kind of exorcism is about to go, keeping Ethan’s dignity intact is pretty much not on the menu.

      If anything, Al will fight the lurker for the right to mortally embarrass Ethan himself… ๐Ÿ˜

      • Stephen Hutchison

        I am suspicious that Ethan will be wanting that threesome thing again soon.

        • tylen

          im surprised he hasnt done a threesome yet considering

          • Stephen Hutchison

            No time yet/Malki hasn’t answered his calls. Maybe tonight.

  • Jessica


    • Stephen Hutchison

      Al screamed too! (Maybe he intended to mean both of them? Nah, he was just tormenting Ethan.)

      • Al more just….growled. ( อกยฐ อœส– อกยฐ)

    • DAMMIT, Al!

  • fujoshifanatic

    I can totally relate to JC’s reaction. I’m surprised she didn’t pinch his cheeks and check his nappie before she left! Oh Al, you’s a mess as always! But yeah, somehow I think Ethan’s about to get a rather hard lesson today.

  • Flamesilocks

    When this comic started I was younger than Ethan…. now I’m older than him lmao.

    • Stephen Hutchison

      And it’s only the third day Al’s been here. (Webcomic Time Stretch)

      • Zem

        wait…. waitttt… 3 days?

        • Yes! I recommend re-reading the whole webcomic while you wait for the next update, and count the days and nights it’s been!

    • Jermany

      Same ;_; bless his cute young socks ๐Ÿ˜›

  • Al… Don’t you start…

    • He’s about to bust, it’s been like a whole twenty minutes since he made a smartass comment haha

      • Amazing that he held off for this long, lmbo.

      • TigerCub37

        That’s not the only thing waiting to bust, methinks… ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • tylen

    oh my god i am so al in this situation XD and i loved the fact that the girl was so excited that a newbie was in town and they have to put him through the ringer

  • Busy Squirrel

    Lol, Al’s face. Also still not over Chuck’s freckles. I love all these guys

  • Stephen Hutchison

    What is the side-eye that Goliath is giving Al there?

    • Larkle

      I was wondering if Al was looking over at Goliath in panel 4. Like he noticed Goliath looking at him and looked back but the Goliath looked away like, ‘no, I wasn’t looking at you.’

      • Stephen Hutchison

        Interesting. Nonverbal communication huh?

        • Larkle

          What it looked like to me anyway, though it could instead just be Al rolling his eyes as you thought.

      • You got it, haha

        • Larkle

          Ah, yay~

      • Aiyse

        That’s totally how i took it. “I saw you noticing what I said..and I meant what you thought I meant.” “Who, me? Didn’t hear nothing….”

  • Stephen Hutchison

    JC’s little demon dude looks like he is SO over this and just wants to go watch ‘flix or something. Anything.

    • NoiseShaper

      Or just tired from being drained all night in the battle with the lurker.
      It’s his power J.C. used against it, after all!

      • Stephen Hutchison

        Could be. I wonder if there’s differences in the amount of power that various C-Classes can loan, given how much more Al has.

        Also, I now suspect that Iblin is one of the deceptively powerful ones.

  • Sandy

    I like Goliath. Only word he says is “sprinkles” XD

    • Hasume Okaasan

      If you have only one word to say, make it count.

  • Hover text:

    She’s just joking. Maybe? Probably.

  • Saasan

    You’ll be fiiiine. I mean, you might die a little, but you’ll be fiiiine.

    • tylen

      this is so true i would be basically telling ethan that saying “eh you might die a little and al might not have his complete value of having ethan’s soul completely intact but ethan will be fiiiiiine”

      • Stephen Hutchison

        I like Goliath a lot, but he’d have to be more grown up. The C-class demons are emotionally children after all, even though they’re physically and intellectually more adult-like. I’d find Al too much hassle, as he’s always playing mind-games.

  • Helo227

    Looks like Goliath caught on to what Al meant… that expression!

  • Is J.C. of indigenous American heritage by any chance?

  • Stephen Hutchison

    Y’know this puts an entirely different spin on the “illnesses are caused by demons” trope.

    • NoiseShaper

      The catholic church was always right, apparently! ๐Ÿ˜‰

      Too bad for it that it doesn’t seem to exist in this universe, nor the idea of any singular deity from characters’ remarks thus far…

  • Fidget

    I have a feeling that Ethan is about to experience something VERY unpleasant. Poor baby. I hope Al gets to comfort him later ^_^

    • :sips tea shakily, clattering the cup on the saucer: I h-haven’t made any of my characters suffer in like, a whole day in this comic I don’t know how much longer this can last

      • tylen

        well go ham with the idea’s dude im sure we’ll get a massive treat out of it :3 and make sure to throw some embarrassment in there as well WE CANT HAVE FUN TEASING ETHAN WITHOUT IT

  • Stephen Hutchison

    It’s Saturday after a non-update week, and I am looking at this, and I am considering that Asmo hasn’t had a chance to torment anybody in ever so long, and I am looking at the flow, and I am suspicious that next week we might suddenly jump to something somewhere else.

    • NoiseShaper

      Oh, torment is almost certainly waiting for Ethan behind that door.

      And if the lurker should not be thorough enough for his taste, Al will certainly finish him off.

      Well, maybe not quite as viciously, and at least eventually in a pleasurable way..,! ๐Ÿ˜Ž

  • Stephen Hutchison

    It is December 8th at 8:45 Pacific time and we are waiting on tenterhooks (google Tenterhooks and take it literally for extra squick) to see what happens next …

    • Still coloring, unfortunately (this has been a particularly rough week, hah.) Soon!

      • Stephen Hutchison

        Is that “soon” in the same voice that Malthus used at the end of Chapter 1?

        Srsly no biggie, I suspected it might be. Don’t wreck the wrists.