• Stephen Hutchison


    OK, that’s got me really REALLY disturbed. I’m not sure if it’s a good disturbed or a bad disturbed.

    • :squints: Who doesn’t like sprinkles stephen

      • Stephen Hutchison

        It’s not the sprinkles, because they’re a good thing. It’s the puppy-dog eyes. He’s like a seven foot tall 6 year old and I want to hug him.

        No wonder Lucifer has been flipping out about this.

  • Flamesilocks

    Goliath is so cute. Omg I hope we see more of him :’)

  • And just like that, Goliath is a giant sweetie pie baby in my eyes. <3

  • Goliath seems so used to Chuck’s flirting habits.
    Get that boy some extra sprinkles.

  • Hover text:

    RAINBOW sprinkles, please

    • Stephen Hutchison

      Personally I prefer the chocolate kind. But any sprinkles is better than no sprinkles.

  • (with Sprinkles),” indeed!

    • Goliath’s starred in….quite a few roles in non-canon patreon art, haha

      • has he?

        …maybe i need to look you up, once i am able to finally get a handle on my Current Financial Situation™, Moe Deuce!

  • Saasan

    “With sprinkles” <3 <3 That boy can have all the sprinkles he wants!

  • Larkle

    The first words we hear Goliath speak and it’s totally adorable.

  • TigerCub37

    Goliath just melted my heart! Glad to see Chuck is treating his partner with some TLC. ^_^

    • Chuck’s got a big heart!

      • After all the demon abuse we’ve seen, this makes me ridiculously happy.

  • wolfie

    Okay so Chuck has a type and Goliath is the most adorable demon ever. This page is great I’m smiling so much.

  • Aiyse

    I’m all over ice cream with sprinkles! And whipped cream, and chocolate sauce.. and damn it, now I want ice cream..
    Also, he definitely has an older lady fetish doesn’t he? What a flirt. *L*

  • Aaron VanZandt

    I wish to give this man all the sprinkles I can’t afford

  • NoiseShaper

    So Chuck has managed to thoroughly corrupt and subvert a perfectly innocent demon by being friendly and exuberant.
    And with sprinkles.

    Goliath didn’t stand a chance from the get-go! 😎

  • “….with sprinkles.” I already LOVE Chuck. I get the feeling Al likes him more and more with every page.

  • Cheryl Egle

    I keep waiting for Al to use the word plow in the conversation somewhere.
    Just to see Ethan go brick red and get all flustered.