Part 3: Pg 223

Two new pages in this week’s update, start HERE!

Ethan gets a recap of the sly Lurker demon’s modus operandi and picks up a little classified exorcist gossip from his enthusiastic mentor Chuck…


  • Stephen Hutchison

    Oh man. Goliath and Al back there. I KNOW THAT PAIN and I was only 6′ 1/2″ when I was a young guy. (I shrunk when I got older. It happens. Stupid bodies.)

    • NoiseShaper

      But at least it seems Chuck has his seat forward enough to give him some room back there.

  • Stephen Hutchison

    Hover text: “She’s OLD!” says the guy who just boned an 800 year old demon.

    Yeah, well, Al is in his 30s at most, in Demon terms. And also he’s only 4 days old in manifestation terms.

    • NoiseShaper

      I’d say a well-preserved 40 given that he’s going grey; And looking at the other demons in hell it seems they’re just manifesting as they are, and they seem to be aging at about 1/20 the human rate.

      • Stephen Hutchison

        The two-tone hair isn’t grey, it’s platinum blonde on some other color. We should ask Asmo what the color palette is for demons. (I bet if we asked Al he’d say only their hairdressers know for sure.)

        • I know it’s been confirmed that their skin is some kind of red.

          REALLY want confirmation on Al’s exact hair colors now.

          • Stephen Hutchison

            Here’s a not-secret: Asmodeus has a tumblr RIGHT HERE: that has Allll Sorrrts of fun almost-spoilers and some color stuff. Check it out! There’s also an art tumblr here: … no, I am not a stalker, it’s in the LINKS section of this very comic!

          • Stephen Hutchison

            Doggone it, I clicked wrong and lost the reply. And if you include a link, Asmo has to ok the post.
            So. Up above on the top bar it says About Gallery Archive Links RSS

            Click on Links.
            It will show a bunch of banners.
            Click on Tumblr.
            It will take you to a magical place. A place full of nifty images and background that you don’t even have to be in the Patreon to see.

            And in that section are several color images.
            Al has definitely red skin, with white hair where it’s light-colored here. The white is faintly tinged with pink in some images.

          • Actually, I found a full-colored image in the Gallery, but I can’t link it or save it to post here! It’s beautiful. <3

      • Well-preserved 40 is pretty spot on haha ✧٩(•́⌄•́๑)

  • Ansel

    I read this like three times and I kept(keep) reading the first panel as “make ’em believer you want whatever they’re offering you” and every time I think, huh, he has an interesting way of speaking before I remember.

  • I’m….in such extreme joy knowing that Teodoro is gay, aaaaAAAAAAAH

  • Larkle

    It’s a cute, impossible little crush. xD

  • Saasan

    This page was a blessing to us all. <3

  • tylen

    ok to be fair for a 800 year old demon al is fucking hot and im taking him as my fucking husband fuck you ethan XD

  • Stephen Hutchison


    I can totally see the Captain with brass knuckles. NO idea how they weapon-paired that.

    • NoiseShaper

      I can totally see the Captain with brass knuckles. NO idea how they weapon-paired that.

      Ethan took two tiers of weapon choices to get Ethan hooked up. Sounds like there are a bunch of drawers beyond that when the more conventional selection is exhausted…! 😎

      • Stephen Hutchison

        So when the seers were constructing those, I bet they were baffled by that one.

        “Why are we wrapping the rune-cloths around this weird bit of brass? Where is the handle even supposed to be?”

        • NoiseShaper

          Maybe they kept having some candidates every now and then who weren’t a good match for any of the other weapons so in the end they fell on those basically as a half-joke amongst themselves until someone actually was a match – and apparently a spectacularly good one!

          • Stephen Hutchison

            I wonder what other things are in the drawer. Frying pan? Nunchucks? Bow?

          • NoiseShaper

            They can’t not have a frying pan at the very least! 😁

          • Stephen Hutchison

            Agreed! There must somewhere be an Exorcist who uses a frying pan!

  • STL Orca

    Chuck has his priorities right: Captain Teodoro is SMOKIN’.

  • TigerCub37

    That moment when you binge an entire web comic, find out it updates every other Saturday…and you gotta wait 2 weeks for new stuff. XD

    Joking aside, I am in love with this comic, and I’m excited to read more!

    • Ahh welcome, I’m glad you’re diggin’ it so far! Speculation is totally OK, we have quite a few readers who like to make predictions haha ೕ(・ㅂ・ )

      • TigerCub37

        Well, I’m not sure yet about the capabilities of the Collectors or if they can hide their powers from seers and clairvoyants, and my theory might be blown out of the water since Malthus said he only needed a little bit of time (though who knows how long that might be for a long lived demon)

        What if Malki becomes conneced with Malthus? He still needs a demon after his last one got killed in the training exercise. Both have similar names, and Malki seems to be developing an antagonistic relationship with Al as well.

        • NoiseShaper

          Now that could be a combustible situation!

        • Stephen Hutchison

          So, from what we’ve seen…

          Only the ‘freshly cooked’ baby demons (think baby sea turtles) who have JUST come into their human-like minds are normally captured by the Seers’ Baited Vortex. The older ones know that a real emotional vortex doesn’t look/smell/sound like that so they stay back. Thus, if Malthus were to come through, he would have to do so INTENTIONALLY, and he’d probably be bound, and MOST of his abilities would be limited. One would expect. Although whether he would simply end up getting himself exorcised and go back home in pain and misery…

          So we’re hoping Malki gets a less whiny demon this time. Maybe he’ll get that incubus dude. (Probably not.)

        • Zem

          I like you guess! and welcome to the comic!

          My guess is that the thing they are going to meet isn’t actually a lurker but Mr. Collector jerk-bag.

  • Katt Moceri

    Told you the dialogue was gonna be awesome!

    One teensie typo. “It’s head”–it should be “its.”

  • Lol a legend… urban legend xD

  • wolfie

    Oh my write me up as a Chuck fan. >w< He's so attractive I don't know. its the freckles and the hair and the laid back attitude, what a guy! I somehow want him to have a good relationship with Goliath they make such a odd but awesome looking pair. Do we get any info on their work relationship? Goliath looks pretty chill but maybe he is sulking? X3

    Also hi Asmo, I'm 'woffle' from the art stream, I don't normally go by that name but Wolfie was taken in every single variant I could think off. X3 As promised I stopped by to say hi, its cool to see the end result damn the pages came out so nice 😀 I'll be less of a lurker in the future, the comment section here seems really nice. ^-^

    • Heyooo glad to see you here! We do have a pretty cool bunch of folks hanging around (°◡°♡).:。

    • Stephen Hutchison

      HI WOFFLE! (Foomf on the stream.)

      • wolfie

        Hi :3

  • Wanda

    I automatically trust any woman who can punch a demon into nonexistence.

    • eldestdawn

      And I fear pissing them off for what they could do to my genitals with the same attack.

  • Chuck is lucky to be alive. His grandfather was in all this. I haven’t a clue if his father got into this “career ” too. But he sure the heck did.

    But clearly it’s in his blood.

    Am I worried? Yeah. Not that I don’t trust him. I just think that he is going to create an opening that someone is keeping an eye out to exploit.

  • Kitomyx

    …Just waiting to see Al’s expression upon having seen that picture and Ethan’s recognition of certain similarities. If it ends up happening at all, lol.

    • NoiseShaper

      Al seems to have been there as Stryder almost a century ago and this photograph is much younger than that. And None of the demons depicted look anything like him, too. At most he may have known a grandparent of one of the Falcon Squad…

      • Kitomyx

        Oops, forgot the timeline there for a sec! Thanks for the reminder~

        • NoiseShaper

          In demon years it wouldn’t have been that far off! 😉

          • Kitomyx

            LOL That’s true! XD

  • Blanch DeLa Manche

    Al! Is that you at the old photo?! 😀