Part 3: Pg 217

Two new pages in this week’s update, starting HERE!

Ethan is a bit disoriented upon waking, and after a moment of clarity finds himself facing off with a demon with an insatiable appetite.

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  • Stephen Hutchison

    How did Al not already KNOW Ethan had hot pink underwears? Also? Is Ethan REALLY gonna wear hot pink underwears to a patient exorcism?

    • Ansel

      He hasn’t gone through Ethan’s drawers.


      • Stephen Hutchison

        I thought he spent most of the night in Ethan’s … drawers.

    • Are pink drawers unacceptable for exorcisms? I think the Lurker would rather appreciate it :3

      • Stephen Hutchison

        I suppose they would distract it enough that it would be fairly easy to exorcise.

  • fanfic3112

    Oh my gosh they are so freaking adorableeee!!!! I can just see Al following him around going “plow..plow…plow” just for the fun of it and they’re all quiet and tense and waiting for action to begin in the exorcism and al says “plow” and everyone looks and has no idea what that meant but Ethan does and slaps him or bites him! Later they are called in and asked “what was that all about?” And Ethan just mumbles but Al says “oh he’s just very sensitive to certain words. Goes if like a trigger. You never know when it will happen. Probably childhood trauma with farm implements or something…and Ethan screams “shut up” then Al waits a minute and turns to him and says “plow” and Ethan screams and Al looks at the officer questioning serious straight faced and goes “see?” Al is a hoot. I just live that he’s excited about Ethan plowing him next.

    • fujoshifanatic

      Yes. I can see this scenario, and I so want it. 😛

  • Kitomyx

    Gotta love a demon who can take it as good as he can give it. XD That’s being multi-talented right there~

    • Ethan: “What ELSE are you into??!”
      Al: :unfurls a scroll that hits the floor and keeps unraveling: Well I’m glad you asked

  • Gaelan

    I feel vindicated in my comments last update now. This confirms neutering Al solves nothing, what with his ass being so plowable and very available for plowing.

    • Lust always find a way, amirite

      • Stephen Hutchison

        But neutering removes a LOT of lust … making it a serious drawback in an erotic story.

        • Gaelan

          yes, yes it does. I don’t seriously think Al would be as virile if he underwent such procedures.

          • Kyle Hamilton

            I’ve heard that testosterone replacement therapy can help. (do demons respond to testosterone the same way? I don’t want Al to be neutered to find out, though…)

  • fujoshifanatic

    Really Ethan? A wicked sexy demon, who practically drowned your ass last night in some first-rate plowing, is inviting you to return the favor on his insanely hot ass! And instead you run away la-laing to the shower!? Priorities, man! Never look a gifted ass in the mouth! Oi, this boy has a lot to learn about pleasing demons, himself, and his audience!

    (But you’re doing a fantastic job, Asmo! Thanks for the awesomely cute and sexy-sweet update!)

    • Ethan will be internally screaming the rest of the day haha

      • Stephen Hutchison

        The best thing is when Al somehow arranges for other people to say “plow” …

        • Jermany

          HAHAHA Yaaas! God, his face in EVERY PANEL is glorious!

  • lacey

    Yessss I love me a silly update thank you for these boys

  • Cipher

    Al’s weaknesses:
    -Ethan in Hot Pink Underwear
    (How did Ethan get hot pink underwear, anyway? I thought their clothing was just Academy issued uniform stuff.

    • They all get the standard stuff, but they got their own off-duty clothes too!

      • Cipher

        I don’t suppose any of the guy characters (like Ethan) like wearing frilly underwear? 😉

        • There is one character who canonically likes the frilly lacy underthings ( •ॢᴗ•ॢ⋈)

          • Stephen Hutchison

            I still think he stole it from Adam.

          • Cipher

            I’ll have to go back into the archives and find that character then…

          • Stephen Hutchison

            I believe you have to look on Patreon for it… but image 18 in the Gallery is the Safe For Work part of it.

          • Cipher


          • Stephen Hutchison

            Well, it’s not an EXPENSIVE patreon. Not like one where the good stuff is all 20+ dollars. (Why would someone do that?)

          • Cipher

            Heh, unfortunately, I am broke as a joke. Luckily, imagination is free. 😉

  • Wanda

    Couples that plow together stay together.

    • I kinda want that saying to be on one of those fancy wood-cut wall hangings you see in home decor stores, haha

  • They almost had a serious convo there…and then Al redirected it I agree with the others. Al should slip the word Plow into what ever they are talking about through out the day.

    • Ethan may have -briefly- thought that since that Al got him horizontal he’d lay off the jokes, but guess how wrong he is haha

  • Ethan: *opens up to Al and begins another tender moment between them*

    Al: “Hold on, fam, those pink undies require more attention, lol.”

    Also… Plow. Ha.

    • Al, sensing that talking about Feelings is imminent: HO – WHAT’S THAT OVER THERE
      Ethan, turns to look: Where?
      :Al scampers away:

      • Stephen Hutchison

        Al, from around corner as he runs further away: “PLOW!”

        Ethan: >screams<

  • Micha Johnson

    Im have a slight feeling that Al has inadvertently mated with Ethan.

    • NoiseShaper

      Is that supposed to be happening to demons?
      Sure, as a manipulation tactic, but for real?

      (Of course we know it’s not supposed to happen to exorcists!)

      • Micha Johnson

        But if you think about it, the’ve gotten closer and Ethan even said he felt like he belonged in Al’s arms

        • NoiseShaper

          Yeah, which could be extremely dangerous if Al should be playing a devious game there after all. Doesn’t look like it, but there could be a real danger in it…

          • Micha Johnson

            Plus, with the added problem of the site. Ethan could be becoming a demon

          • NoiseShaper

            At the very least Al is having more access to Ethan on that level, too, than usual…

          • Hasume Okaasan

            If they started out with a compatibility level of 80-90% does this mean it’s gone up to 85-95% by now? If it gets higher, how much bleed through will there be? Will Ethan be able to use even more of Al’s powers? Technically the Merchant says that Al cannot control his Legions in his current state, but could Ethan? If they get any closer to 100% will Al be able to take over, read, and/or directly influence Ethan’s mind? Warp Ethan’s mind/soul? He might not wish to do so, but CAN he, and could it be done by accident, without him being aware of it?
            Its certainly an interesting question. Asmodeus will …hopefully… find a way to answer this in the comic itself at some point, but its interesting to note that Athena didn’t bring it up… so perhaps “inter-species long-term relationships” are truly rare enough that the spiritual / demonic repercussions aren’t medically known, or are negligible enough that they aren’t immediately concerned about it when Athena sees the obvious attraction and love on both their faces.

          • NoiseShaper

            In his post-symbiosis debriefing Ethan was warned that keeping the sight on all the time would allow the demon some access to him, too, and we know that Al has superior capabilities anyway, so one aspect might be that Al deliberately doesn’t let Ethan switch it off completely and another that Al has a more intense connection to him on a demonic level, too…!

          • Stephen Hutchison

            I hadn’t thought about it being that Al is keeping himself “in sync” so Ethan can’t turn it off … but the dialogue suggests that Ethan doesn’t really want to turn it all the way off. He seems to be somewhat conflicted. If I were a Freudian (nobody is really a Freudian any more) I would say that Ethan’s Id is demanding moar demon while his Superconscious is demanding moar PURITY and MORALS and DO THE PROPER THING and his conscious is left saying “uhhh, wow he’s hot, but I’m supposed to be an exorcist wtf I’m in luv wit demon.”

          • NoiseShaper

            Yeah, there’s certainly that, too! 😁

            But – quite appropriately playing devil’s advocate here – right from the start Ethan couldn’t deactivate the sight even before he fell for Al’s peculiar… charm, so it could be:
            • Ethan just being bad at basic operational magic,
            • just a side effect of Al being a higher-class demon that the regular spells don’t work properly (although Adrian apparently didn’t have the same problem with Al/Stryder),
            • Al effectively keeping his foot in the door for some reason,

          • Stephen Hutchison

            Adrian was more dominant as a personality and Stryder was less secure, and probably had a sekrit mission.

          • NoiseShaper

            Al still might have one, too…!

          • Stephen Hutchison

            Merchant did not say that Al cannot control his Legions. In fact they say quite the opposite. They say that he CHOOSES NOT TO. That’s an entirely different thing.

    • Hasume Okaasan

      I don’t think there was anything inadvertent about it, actually. Seemed pretty damn intentional.

      • Micha Johnson

        But why mate with someone if you plan on killing or betraying them later? Wouldn’t that hurt Al more.

        • Hasume Okaasan

          I’m… not sure where you found in Al’s dialogue or characterization in-comic proof that he actually wants to kill or betray Ethan?
          He “claims” that he’s here for Ethan’s soul, but… a soulmate could “capture” the soul of their partner without ever once killing or betraying anyone. Or hurting them, beyond the everyday small inevitable hurts and the hurts-so-good kindof stuff that happens to consenting adults.
          Think of it more as a soul-exchange rather than a soul-stealing. 🙂

          • Micha Johnson

            But wouldn’t one of them feel bad in the end? Especially if its a permanent thing

          • Hasume Okaasan

            Oh, um. Hmm. I truly have no idea how a relationship between a slave and master, where the slave is nigh-immortal, ancient and complicated and the master is very mortal, and an impressionable teenager when they meet could end up anything other than bittersweet at best… but…
            That’s not a betrayal, really. And even so, if they are both being at least a little honest about truly caring for each other, then I’d have to say that its not really about the destination, its the journey. Yes, likely things won’t be perfect, and likely there will be terrible, horrible hardship for both Ethan and Al in future, even if they aren’t outright persecuted or separated/punished for simply having a relationship. However, Al seems to have made a choice. I dunno how strong or deep or permanent Ethan’s feelings are yet, but Al also seems to be trying to ensure that Ethan’s feelings develop as organically and honestly as possible. With smut.
            Whether either ends up heartbroken in the end is up to the storyteller, and so far Asmo aint tellin’
            Look at it this way: If the person you love most and married last year gets cancer and is dying quickly, do you love them less, even though you won’t be able to spend the rest of your life with them as planned? Or do you treasure every single moment you have left to hold you over for the rest of your time, and love them in your heart no matter the fact that they’re gone? Did they betray you by getting cancer and leaving first? I’d say no.
            And so even though, in all likelihood Ethan simply will pass before Al gets a whole lot older, I don’t think that Al would see that as an intentional hurting/betrayal on Ethan’s part when they eventually have to say goodbye, and hopefully Ethan won’t feel too bad about having Al around either. Its everyone else I’m worried about. Annnnd there’s that whole Al hasn’t really been terribly forthcoming about what has happened in the past and what his history is with the academy… so that could come and bite them both pretty hard later, too. Is it a betrayal, though? Again, I’d say, no. But only time and Asmodeus know the answer to that one.

          • Micha Johnson

            This is why i love webcomics and good point

          • Hasume Okaasan

            This is why I love thought-out discussions between people who love webcomics that are well thought out.
            I’d hug you if I could? But hugging my monitor isn’t really getting me anywhere so.
            Hi! by the way, thanks for talking to me, this was fun! 🙂

          • Micha Johnson

            Of course! If we can be internet besties and if you wanna see me comment more, check out a comic called Novae. Its fantastic

          • Hasume Okaasan

            Oh I am always down to find and read new webcomics! Hoooray for internet besties! <3

          • I love the discussion, thanks for sharing! (°◡°♡).:。

          • Micha Johnson

            You just made my day!

          • Stephen Hutchison

            It’s not so much that Al isn’t forthcoming as that Asmo is being a dirty tease and not showing us all the details… but then the storygasm is usually better if there’s more teasing than less.

          • All I can say is Keep Reading – we have so much more story to get to I’m practically vibrating with excitement to draw it haha (。•̀ᴗ-)✧

  • Justa Virgo


  • Summer Holmes

    Hahaha “my butt is extremely plowable” oh Al have some dignity please you guys have work to do.

    • NoiseShaper

      Dignity has been screwed all to hell last night…! 😎

    • Stephen Hutchison

      I am not sure that “dignity” is a property of Al.

  • Blanch DeLa Manche

    😀 <3 I really love them together. They fit themselfs!
    Nom nom…

  • SonoHyoko

    Reversible, I like~

  • Larkle

    Pink underwear to match the pink blush~ 😀

    • TwilightDreamer

      Pretty sure Al’s got him all the way to red by now 😀

  • Kuroneko

    Oh my gods that is hilarious!!! This is great!

  • I love how Al said “I can take it as good as I can give it” and “wait you don’t want to plow me” oh my gods… he is such a dork! I love him to death! Ethan is cute as well how embarrassed he is… adorable.

  • Britt Colacicco

    Ethan…he’s ASKING you to top? Like…take the offer, man. XD I guess he has other priorities, and I can’t fault him for that.

  • TwilightDreamer

    HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XD
    Aaaaannnnnddd…..he’s back….sassy, annoying and damn loveable…

  • Shannon Dalton

    The song “Plowboy” just runs through my head . . .

  • Ant-Man

    Happy 3 year anniversary 😊🌹🌹🌹

  • SaraStudly

    This is the time for fully colored pages.

  • Crazyguy1990

    Ethan, your reactions wouldn’t get you anywhere as a farmer. 😛

  • Shannon Dalton

    Cletus of course

  • If I didn’t know any better I would say he did that to change the subject… Do I know any better????

  • Soma Silverfang


  • hey yes hi hello have I mentioned? yet?? that I??? love???? this????? COM IC ?????????

    • (°◡°♡).:。 So glad you’re enjoyin’ it!

  • Jessica

    Al just enjoying the sight of “the booty”, I like how it went from sweet to comical nice Al, nice.

  • Glew

    I can’t unsee Ethan drinking a beer in panel 1 …

  • PLOW

  • Stephen Hutchison

    Day before the next scheduled new comic, and I am looking at this page and thinking … “Hmmmm… That blush is pretty constant. Did Ethan get his blush stuck on high like his Sight is stuck on in one eye?”

  • bickzyy

    ahhh this interaction really improved my opinion of ethan. i love how he reacts to al being so lewd, even after the night they just had lmao.

  • NoteLegend

    Oh-ho-ho. I wonder if a former old burn (known as Adrian) taught Al the joys of plowing and being plowed 😉 😉