• Alexis Dragoon

    He just looks so frazzled in the second panel… Like a scared kitten

    • NoteLegend

      The fact that you made your profile pic Al’s “Ta-da” face X’D X’D

      • Alexis Dragoon

        go back a few pages- someone dared me and I did it and I’m keeping it XD

        • Can confirm (I think it was me who dared you)

  • Stephen Hutchison

    Degenerate boy.

    Also?? Which card is he using for a bookmark?

    • “Furnace Spirit” – a standard level demon spirit card that Ethan has like 20 of and was willing to part with, haha

      • Chanmun

        thanks for answering the real questions. I was getting anxious already

      • Stephen Hutchison

        So it’s a hot card :>

  • Gaelan

    Have I mentioned yet how all the exorcists look really cute when they have their demon eyes on?

    • I love getting to draw demonic eyes its one of the best parts of this comic haha

  • THIS page is so cute aaaaaaaaah

  • Cipher

    Could be worse Ethan…you could have woken up face first on his junk. πŸ˜‰

    • And can you explain how exactly that would be a bad thing?

      • Cipher

        The only way that would be bad is that Ethan would probably die of embarrassment.

  • Oh, gosh, Ethan in panel 3 is so adorable!! Somehow, his face looks soft, too? I just wanna pinch this lover’s blushing cheeks!!

    • I bet you meant β€˜Al’ in panel 3… Or is it Ethan in panel β€˜6’?

      • I meant panel “4”, because his overreacting embarrassment exaggerated it, but I guess my fingers were too chubby to type the right number (blugh) but honestly? Ethan in all the panels he’s drawn in.

        I mean, just look at that *face*!! All marshmallowy and shit! 😍

  • LemonFrog

    Al is SO hot ughhh

    • And in that TIGHT shirt (which I’m still not sure how he manages to put on every day, it fits on him like skin)

      • NoiseShaper

        No big deal with stretchy fabric for an undershirt.

        It’s more the question whether you feel like showing off your goods like that! πŸ˜‰

        • Stephen Hutchison

          This is why P.T. is a crucial part of every Exorcist’s day. And so far we don’t know if the demons have to exercise, but I suspect they do.

          • They do indeed! (Although waaaaaaaaay later we meet a couch-potato demon who had decided working out is for chumps, haha)

          • Stephen Hutchison

            Oh, bad style, demon guy. You risk them turning on the collar to MAKE you work out.

  • Stephen Hutchison

    The whole “having the demon’s strength and sight in you” thing is extremely intimate. No wonder the kiddie-demons are upset. Bad touch!

  • Omg him blushing and proudly saying *no regrets* was the best!

  • Hasume Okaasan

    Huh, on second re-reading of this page, I just noticed that when Al asks Ethan if he has any regrets, the panel with Ethan’s response is inset over Al’s question, putting Ethan’s embarrassed hand right over/above Al’s heart. Because this couldn’t get any more aaaaaaggghhh.
    … I’ma just go find that tissue box again and hang out here for a while, looking at the love in Al’s eyes. Yep. {:[

  • is Al using one of Ethan’s cards as a bookmark? T__T did he choose which one on its imagined dick size???

    • Hah! It was the only one Ethan let him take out of the binder

  • I think Ethan has the demon eyes on because he instinctively wants to connect with Al and feel close to him, subconsciously

  • I have no idea why Ethan is so modest in that second panel – covering himself with the sheet – I mean, Al’s seen every bit of him already LOL

    • NoiseShaper

      Still feeling somewhat exposed and slightly insecure in the moment, though! 😎

  • Sherbed Lemon

    I love how relaxed and open Al’s expressions are on that page

  • Britt Colacicco

    The fact that Al was standing and talking, then got fully dressed and comfortable on the bed again, and in a way that Ethan’s half-asleep self could shuffle over and cuddle with him…

    Run-on sentence, but AWWWW.

    • This page is one of my favorites for quiet little moments between them πŸ™‚

  • NoteLegend

    THAT FUCKJNG NOSE BRIDGE IN PANEL 3 GOT ME LIKE…. Well… I guess I know what my weird perks are.

    • I love a good nose, I GOT YOU (q‒̀ᴗ-)✧