Part 3: Pg 215

Two pages this update, starting HERE!

Al is surprised at Athena’s reasoning, but perhaps more surprised at the havoc such a small person can threaten. Ethan is missing out on all the fun!

  • Chanmun

    yay to caring and menaces! All merry around!

  • Stephen Hutchison

    He slept through the threats of neutering. You’d think he might wake up to protest.

    • Or to ask if Al could be only half neutered? To avoid being drowned every night, you know?

      • Daniel Odneal

        Half neutered! I love it!

  • lacey

    Oh I love the little gesture of Al playing with his rings, it’s my favourite panel on this page.

    • Britt Colacicco

      YES! I imagine he’s thinking of Ethan saving them and giving them back to him as he says it.

  • Cheshi Vulpes Canidae


    • Cheshi Vulpes Canidae

      We tiny ones are vicious. <3

  • Blanch DeLa Manche

    I love Al with all my heart! He is so sexy and his facial expressions are absolutely amazing! 😀 <3

  • lol! Al’s expressions are on point. This was a great update! Thanks 🙂

  • Gaelan

    eeeeh neutering Al won’t solve anything, he’ll just take rather than give…

    no the solution is to neuter everyone.

    • Stephen Hutchison

      Note that nobody is +1’ing this statement. Not that it isn’t funny, just … too much neuterality.

  • I mean, Al, you did kind of take Ethan for a wild ride until, what, an hour ago as of this update? Pfffft, toss Ethan into an apartment during an earthquake and he’d still be out.

  • fujoshifanatic

    Aww, Al is right–and he’s lucky! Ethan would have literally sold his soul to see Al checked like that, and he would have never let Al live that down. I think Al dodged a whole world of future snark–as well as military discipline–so he should consider himself doubly lucky.

    • Stephen Hutchison

      You know how they get rid of demons they don’t need any more?

      A lot like how Finley was ‘sent home’.

      And no, we don’t know whether they get there safely.

  • Kitomyx

    Since everyone else has already doted on the expressions, which are as fantastic as ever, I’m just going to point out how I love the bedhead.

    • I’m gonna be a little sad to have to draw normal hair here soon, haha

  • Kyden

    lMAO no this is amazing
    fucking same though??? I could sleep through an earthquake lol

    • As a light-sleeper, I am continually amazed at how much a deep-sleeper can just ignore??? I hear like, the cat curl up on the couch two rooms away haha

      • Hasume Okaasan

        SAME. There was an earthquake 3 states away and the aftershocks woke me up a few weeks back. Literally a squirrel can cross the roof or a mosquito buzz my ear and yep, WIDE AWAKE FOREVER.
        I think Al just wants Ethan to wake up at this point so he can hug (or sex) out his remaining fight-or-flight endorphin rush… Sadly… no such luck for the demon bae.

  • Punkpoemprose

    Poor Al, lol!

  • NoteLegend

    Moral of story… woman are scary.

    • NoiseShaper

      Not all of them… and not all the time…! 😎

  • Rowan Daniels

    Best pages you’ve ever drawn, Asmo. Much love!

    • Aaahhhh glad you like ’em! (‘∀’ )♡

  • Jessica

    You know Al, there is a sweet way for you to get ‘revenge’ on the sleeping beauty 😉

  • Micha Johnson

    Well you fucked the living hell out of him.

  • FujoshiLife

    XD I love that woman!!! Poor Al!!!

  • Julie

    yaaaay an update o/ Athena is awesome!

  • Sandy

    I guess youre just THAT good Al XD

  • Lmao! I love how he sulks at sleeping Ethan… he so freaking adorable!

  • Kuroneko

    I think this page made me laugh the most out of this whole comic XD

  • Wollknäuel

    just realized Al has some wounds on his neck, too… which where clearly not there in the evening… can´t believe it took me three to five readings to realize O.o

    • Stephen Hutchison

      Chomp Marks. Not necessarily ‘wounds’.

      He also has several rows of claw marks across his back, because Ethan may not be a demon but he doesn’t cut his nails too short.

      • Wollknäuel

        your right, addressing them as chomp marks is more fitting.

        may be a good think they don´t work naked? Or does everyone already know, due to noises?

        • Stephen Hutchison

          I imagine they’ll see it all next time they shower, unless Ethan suddenly starts regenerating because of his close sync with his demon.

          Also, Al should be mark-free in an hour or so. Unless this is one of those “law of greatest humiliation” things where Ethan’s gonna get razzed more for Al having them.

          • Wollknäuel

            It´s not like Al is Ethans only possible Partner, so him having Sex with Al may not be totally obvious?

          • Stephen Hutchison

            True. But then the big question: Who did Ethan have in his room making incredible amounts of noise all night? Probably not Malki…

            Wait where IS Malki? Being fitted for a new demon?

  • TwilightDreamer

    That last panel was just the icing on the cake! One of the best individual panels I’ve seen in this story XP

  • Easy. She was very quiet about it. 😊

    • Stephen Hutchison

      Quiet threats are the best threats.

  • dont mess with the doc. XD omg his expressions. lmao

  • Daniel Odneal

    Al’s expression looks quite a bit like the one my dog had after he was neutered. I felt so bad…

  • Larkle

    *snip snip*


    Ethan is going to be sorry he missed this. It was amazing. xD

    • Maybe Al’ll save this story for Ethan’s birthday haha

      • Stephen Hutchison

        When is Ethan’s birthday?

        • He’s a winter baby – December 12th send him a b-day card!

          • Stephen Hutchison

            … Really? That was my Dad’s birthday.

          • Really??? That’s kinda wild 😮

  • Crazyguy1990

    Athena reminds me of the Whose Line Vasectomy hoedown:
    ” ‘Gonna cut your balls off
    And put em in a jar’
    And then she took her hat off
    And went ‘Ha-ha-ha-ha-hah!”

    Feisty and fabulous.

  • LazyReader

    This is Bob Barker reminding you to help control the demon population

  • Nick Strobelight

    ‘Everytime I think I have you humans figured out… one of you surprises me.’ And he’s touching his blessings from Lucifer that Ethan returned to him, my heart melted.

  • Stephen Hutchison

    It’s the 29th. That means we may be getting a comic sometime in the close future.

    • Already locked and loaded for midnight 🙂