• MattNYC

    OK, now I am crossing my legs.

  • Stephen Hutchison

    And the people all said “Dawwww” then all the guys crossed their legs.

  • Aslyn M

    This makes me smile a lot. 🙂

  • Wollknäuel

    Just LOVE This 😀 Think she and the librarian might be my favorite… for now :3

  • Cleo-San

    Never mess with a doctor XD

  • This is a beautiful page on so many levels!

  • “Why are you so tiny and fierce” assdseffg my exact thoughts!! 😂

  • auldr

    You’ve got the love how that scalpel just appears as Al looks away. And then she twirls it to show she knows how to use it. That’s the perfect way to underline your point.

  • The way he looks at you, the way you look at him ♡

  • NoteLegend

    Tiny and fierce X’D

  • Britt Colacicco

    Awww. I think the first time he was with someone human, Al was inexperienced and absolutely lovesick over his SO. Now that he knows what can happen to someone he cares about, he’s indulging in small bursts of intense pleasure. He wants Ethan so bad, but he’s afraid of what will happen if he owns up to HOW MUCH Ethan means to him.

  • Rowan Daniels

    Fear her

  • Love his reaction on the last panel he so protecting his manly hood xD… am glad she said that because we all know Al DOES care for Ethan

  • Alexis Dragoon

    such smol, much fearce

  • Kuroneko

    ‘Why are you so tiny and fierce?!’ XD

  • TwilightDreamer

    *rolls around clutching stomach, laughing*
    Damn it!! How did this page go from so sweet and serious to so instantly hilarious!! XD Ok, I wasn’t sure about Athena at first, but now I’m loving her! XD

  • thats right! she gonna mess you up!

  • Larkle

    I love how she’s handling the situation. Heck, she handles Al better than Ethan does.

  • Bobby Bardot

    its official, I love Athena <3

  • Akamar

    omg, So tiny and fierce… this describes like… at least half my nieces…