Part 3: Pg 213

Two pages this week, starting HERE!

Well, things are going just swimmingly here! Poor Athena is perhaps questioning how early is too early for a good stiff drink…

  • fanfic3112

    I love how she covered his butt up and pulled the covers over him and with hour demon she was also like “pants pants pants!”. I love how he said “I wouldn’t do that…I know the difference between rough and cruel…I wouldn’t hurt him” (because he’s a demon and they perceive demons as the bad guys who are being held there hostage, who have no since of honor or feeling of obligation to them). I can’t wait to see what our sleeping princess has to say when he wakes up and realizes their tryst has bern discovered! I hope when she disappears our sleeping princess is left asleep (he needs it) and then wakes up to our demon sucking his cock or jerking him off (knowing it might be the last chance he gets to make some magic if their captain decides to seperate them. Sleepy sex is always so yummy and intimate and comfortable and easy waking up in the warmth of someone’s arms. I think their bond now will be stronger than ever and be able to sense one another’s thoughts and actions better and react quicker now!

    • NoiseShaper

      I don’t think that Athena will leave before hearing Ethan’s side of the story, as embarrassed as she is about the situation… 😉

  • Stephen Hutchison


  • Stephen Hutchison

    Hey Doc Athena. He’s not a C class.

  • genericblogger

    Good shit, Asmo. Good shit.

  • NoiseShaper

    Looks like the merchant didn’t bother to give him all of Ethan’s wound; Maybe kind of a rebate for the particularly juicy payment…

  • Lacey Brannen

    CLAPS FURIOUSLY that’s good drama

    • I need a good Soap Opera theme, hmmm

  • tokiohcom

    Someone turn this into a show A.S.A.P! xD I love this comic so much!

    • GASP who would I even pick to cast these characters!? (*´ ˘ `*).。oO ( hmmm )

      • Mischa Sinclair

        Don’t cast! Animate!

      • Colettehatesyou

        I vote Ryan Reynolds for Al.
        Purely because: Abs, and he can capture the humor.

  • Kuroneko

    I just want Ethan to wake up before she leaves and he just gets all flustered and embarrassed before ensuring her it was all consensual X3

  • Jessica

    Al is so sweet… He makes my heart melt!😍

  • Gods, this got real heavy…

  • Sherbed Lemon

    Wake up already!

  • Dennis Grace

    When a doctor barges in on the aftermath of a night of rough sex, the first words out of your mouth should be, “MUTUALLY CONSENSUAL.”

    • He tried but he got kinda tongue tied in the beginning there LOL

  • TLR

    i smell, style change

  • Av

    Those eyes…

  • Kyle Hamilton

    . o O ( In fact, if I weren’t trying to keep it quiet, I’d tell you that I got this wound because I traded to it away from him! )

  • Judy

    Oh crap I’ve reached THE END

  • fanfic3112

    Ok this should be a movie! You need to pitch this script to marvel or someone. Maybe the folks who make supernatural cause it’s good! Al is just amazing with his gestures and expressions and moments of sarcasm and then sincerity that comes through! It’s your art, timing , pace, one liners, humorous set ups, sarcasm, etc but it really makes his character so likable and yet such a great demon at the same time! He’s like my demon hero! Yes I like Ryan Reynolds for al and maybe Chris Pratt for Ethan but Whoopie Goldberg has to be in there somewhere or at least the girl that plays crazy eyes on orange is the new black. Both funny as hell and they could both fit right in with demons and kick the shit out of the enemy! I think Charlie hunnam, Travis fimmel, Martin freeman, Jude law and Jensen ackles should be in the mix and probably Robert downy junior on the other side of the veil with tom Hiddleston, Karl urban, Jason momoa, John goodman, Lain glen, iwen rheon, kristofer hivjul as demons in their dimension and ok maybe toss in brad Pitt, Chris hemsworth, Channing Tatum, maybe Chris pine with the exorcists also! Ok yes now I’ve just zoned into hot men and demon fantasies…sorry! Ok if they got all those hot warriors for Game of thrones I think you should have them for your movie to!

    • Hahah this is one helluva star studded cast (° o°)!!!

      • Stephen Hutchison

        It’s like Magic Mike, Demon Exorcism Edition. Also, Ethan has to be played by Joseph Gordon-Levitt (but younger looking even if it takes CGI.)

        • I’d watch the hell outta that (๑꒪▿꒪)

  • Clairety cann

    yasssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss i was in a similar situation with my roommate recently but when i saw the display of naked bodies and bruises i just left

    • Hah – probably for the best!

      • Clairety cann

        i was just like, nope. no. not today. im not emotionally preprared

  • TwilightDreamer

    And back to sexy serious he goes… 😛
    Love how he looks in the first panel, and Don’t worry Athena, I’d be completely flustered as well.

  • Micha Johnson

    He’s such a good child

  • Stephen Hutchison

    It’s 6:13pm on Friday the 15th and I’m sitting here staring at the page waiting for the next 3-4 hours to pass so the auto-poster will auto-post.

    o.o o.o oO …. o.o -.- !-! wakeup! o.o o.o ….

    • I’m running behind on this update so it won’t be a midnight release unfortunately – but hopefully soon after!

      • Stephen Hutchison

        Aww. OK, I’ll stop clicking REFRESH every ten minutes. You do it when you have it 🙂