• Stephen Hutchison

    “Are you … a lust demon or an incubus?”

    “I WISH! I mean no.”

    • NoiseShaper

      “…at least not technically…!” 😁

  • Gaelan

    Angry Athena is cute Athena. More poutyface! You draw it so well.

    I like how this demonstrates a flaw with the system though. A pretty glaring one that seems to be atleast partially known. The demons are still… physically capable, even without all their demon powers. Given the opportunity they can overpower and potentially kill their exorcist.

  • Kuroneko

    I love Al’s reaction in the second panel! He’s adorable yet terrified! X3

    • NoiseShaper

      Very much like a cat caught on the table with half the birthday cake all over its face…! 😉

      • Kuroneko

        Caught literally with his pants down XD X3

  • Brittany

    Al looks like a startled cat, tail twitch and all LOL

    • Al has been confirmed to be a cat for a long time now

  • Edward Dillon

    Bahahaha, he looks just like my cat when I catch that bastard doing something they shouldn’t be. XD

  • Gaelan

    Oh aye, I agree that it’s not going to be easy for a demon to overpower anyone, probably very difficult under most circumstances, but still, the potential exists, and that is exciting.

  • NoiseShaper

    “What?! No!!
    Who do you think I am? A demon from hell?
    Oh, wait…!”

  • Glew

    I dunno, but there is something satisfying about seeing an always so confident cocky guy so riled up and scared/concerned.

    • Like a fish outta water – he doesn’t know how to handle something like THIS haha

  • Now that I’ve finished laughing at EVERYTHING on this page, I really need to know who Kobol is.

    • NoiseShaper

      Yeah, the “gods” invoked by several people don’t sound entirely like the superstitions in our universe.
      (And theirs clearly aren’t actually just superstitions either!)

    • :adjusts nerd glasses: Lord Kobol’s a nod to the 2004 Battlestar Galactica series, which is also where I discovered my intense love for a good military uniform haha

  • TwilightDreamer

    Haha! I said this last time (although I’m not sure the post sent :s), but I have to say it again, I LOVE seeing Al be the one panicking and scrambling for words XD Ethan, quick! You’re missing the Karma show!!
    …though seriously, DON’T wake up yet Ethan XP

    • It’s been a blast getting to draw Al as the one fumbling about for once, haha!

      • TwilightDreamer

        and it’s a blast watching it XD

  • I know it’s a figure of speech but “…holy fucking shit…” sounds unlikely in a demon mouth!