Part 3: Pg 211

Chapter 3 has begun, and there’s two new pages for you starting HERE!

Athena the medic has a list of patients to assess for morning rounds – and a certain grouchy demon is at the top of the list…

  • Wilagaso

    Bit him, scratched him, almost drowned him. Poor Ethan screamed all night. But he loved it. Also I can just imagine Ethan’s face when he wakes up to this.

    • Cipher

      He’ll be a lobster! xD

    • TwilightDreamer

      Wouldn’t want to be Al when he does wake up….XP

  • Stephen Hutchison


    Wow. That’s probably the second most damning sex-hair-bed-head she’s ever seen.

    Because she’s a nurse. They see it all.

    • SpectreWulff

      Bed-Head from HELL! I forgot AL was still under medical care. They’re going to spend a great deal of time explaining their current predicament. At least the nurse will have plenty of Bandaids and Bactene (the antiquated antibacterial spray used by sadistic mothers everywhere).

    • NoiseShaper

      She’s a medic, but the same applies anyway. 🙂

  • Kuroneko

    Oh woah this took a turn I did not expect! But I am really looking forward to more!!!!

    • Thanks for pointing it out! I fixed the permalink but it seems it will still revert to part 2 when you navigate back and forth between pages, so I might need to dig a little more to figure out why haha

  • Jashi

    Buahahaha, I laughed so bad! XD

  • fujoshifanatic

    HAHAHAHA!!! What does it look like, Athena? Al tore. that. ass. up! Nothing that a warm compress (and a little Neosporin for the bites and bruises) couldn’t fix. On a technical note, the panel design of this page is lovely; it’s unusual, but not confusing. The looks on Al’s face are awesome! This is a very striking page; well done!

    • Thanks!! I was going for chaos in the paneling to match the scene so I’m glad it still reads well!

      • NoiseShaper

        It conveys an unsettled scene very well but is still perfectly readable.

  • Ivoriania Phillips


  • SaraStudly

    And the shit hits the fan. So excited to see what’s gonna go down.

  • genericblogger

    The scratches that Ethan left…oof

    • NoiseShaper

      “Ah, so he successfully defended himself. Then it’s all good!” 😉

  • LemonFrog

    I see Al’s nipples got some extra loving! Also his face in third to last panel is incredible.

    • NoiseShaper

      And now we officially know it’s actually possible to make a demon blush! ☺️

      • I admit I did NOT know it was possible. Well, not counting Al’s flashback.

  • nyctophilia


    • The only word Al could come up with to describe the scene haha

  • Dennis Grace

    Consensual! Consensual! And,
    respectfully, none of your business, Nurse. 😊 Now, how was your night? Sleep well? 😁

  • Salubrious

    Can we just note that Ethan is just blissfully drooling on the sheets he complained to Al he didn’t want to dirty. Haha.

    • Ivoriania Phillips

      I mean, there’s a difference between drool and, er, enthusiastic​ fertility.

      • Ethan’s gonna be doing laundry for days, haha

        • NoiseShaper

          And of course his fellow exorcists won’t give him any crap about it at all! 😎

          • Stephen Hutchison

            Adam will be distracted by Lust Demons. (Wait, that’s not in canon. Nevermind.)

          • “Distracted” is a nice, safe word for it haha

          • Stephen Hutchison

            It’s a new card for the game “Gloom” … the “has demons in it” edition.

  • If it’s not what it looks like, is it what it smells like?

  • NoiseShaper

    I’ll just state for the record that Athena and her partner may be the only ones in the compound still oblivious to what happened in this room that night…! 😎

    As much as she clearly doesn’t care about privacy when she’s all business, Al & Ethan hadn’t left any privacy unshredded to violate anyway…

  • Alexis Dragoon

    Busted XD

  • kiprian

    Then again, I’m not so certain that either of them knows what it is that it looks like.

    • NoiseShaper

      Well, given the habitually sunny dispositions and conversation topics of the C-class demons we’ve met so far, Al might have attacked and beat Ethan unconscious, maybe even suffocated him with that pillow over his head, collar or not.

      We can’t really blame Athena for jumping to that conclusion right away…! 😉

  • Chanmun

    I’m concerned that sex with one of the ‘enslaved’ demons is not allowed, encouraged or even a possibility in the academy, and therefore by how this will pan out for them. I can only hope that Athena sticks to patient-medic confidentiality (?)

    • NoiseShaper

      Have they ever come across an incubus in a pairing?
      At the very least then they would probably have thought of setting some rules…! 😜

      • Cipher

        I’m thinking that Incubus are different than C class demons, but I could be wrong.

        • NoiseShaper

          Yeah, they are, but if they still got one at some point that would have been some surprise…! 😁

          • Stephen Hutchison

            We know from Malki’s description that being “picked up” by an Incubus isn’t entirely uncommon, and apparently unless it results in pregnancy, it’s not always regrettable.

          • NoiseShaper

            Yes, but the situation may be different when being paired with a collared one in the academy if they picked one up by accident and they are then trying to impose some semblance of order and discipline…! 😉

          • Stephen Hutchison

            Not sure what this would mean in terms of internal discipline at the Academy. I’m pretty sure we will find out, but remember Malki’s advice: if you want to, then do it. Malki’s actually gone through the whole training deal and is one of the exorcists they trusted to be a teacher. If there was a rule against it he’d know about it.

            As far as “demons who shouldn’t be there” my suspicion is that they’d just exorcise them and it would depend on how they acted whether this would be immediate or not.

          • NoiseShaper

            Yeah, they don’t seem to absolutely prohibit it.

            But given Athena’s reaction it’s clearly not a common thing either! 😁

  • Omg! I freaking love Al’s face when he perks up confused… such a cutie!

  • Demi Lochlan

    Did his pounding bruise ethans butt!? NO. NO HURT THA BOOTY

  • FujoshiLife

    Oh Shit!!! I’m dying!!! XD

  • Justa Virgo
  • fanfic3112

    I love this story the art and the characters. It’s all just a hoot and really interesting with continual unexpected twists like this one. I cracked up just looking at AIs face! Oh my gosh his facial expressions just get me everytime! It’s like “oh damn I was supposed to be taking it easy and recuperating! Shit forgot there’s those damn medics roaming about! Fuuuccckkkkk!” I can’t even imagine what explanation he’s going to have for this one. Maybe snap his fingers with some magic power and she freezes and then wake up a Ethan and say “runnnn” or “hide”! And then snap his fingers and she un freezes and now Ethan’s not there and she thinks maybe she’s seeing things and turns around and goes back to bed. If the smell of sex from two tons of cum on the bed and leaking out of Ethan ass doesn’t give them away, the creamy gooey cum covered bed and dried cum crusted over them doesn’t give them away then the nude hickies, nail marked, bruised and teeth marks bodies will give away exactly what’s bern going on and probably it’s a no no to be fucking you ring harnessed demon you’ve wrangled like a goat and are holding hostage in your world. Maybe shell just put her hands in front of her eyes and back out of the room trying to unsee it, saying very loudly. “I’ll be back in an hour to check on you Al since you are clearly not prepared for your check up right now. Please be ready with some clothes on in your empty bed when I come back”. Then run back to her girlfriend and say “I’ve just had a waking nightmare

  • Glew

    It’s cute how Al is genuinely scared/awkward. #schadenfreude

  • annatheginger


    • No, Al’s afraid that it looks like he chomped him and beat him unconscious, that’s not QUITE what happened

      • NoiseShaper

        Only we and Adam know that that could actually be a potential risk despite the collar – but it seems Adam kept that crucial bit of information to himself out of embarrassment…!

      • annatheginger

        sighhhh… just a joke. I’m just sayin, that sex hair is pretty obvious

        • Sorry, oh no, I messed up the joke! Yeah, it’s pretty epic

      • Stephen Hutchison

        Actually Al has his own set of bite marks, bruises, scratches and hickeys.

  • I can imagine Al just being like ” HE FELL.” : |

    ” HE FELL… ON MY DICK!! UH…”

    He fell on his dick a few dozen times. It was a complete mess. But everything’s fine now, doc.

    • Nothing a little laundry detergent can’t fix, really!!

    • Brittany

      it’s like that scene in chicago during the cell block tango, “He ran into my knife… he ran into my knife TEN TIMES!” LOL

      ps i didn’t realize it was you i was replying to at first LMAO OHAI! (formerly shadowskiss of DA!)

  • Gaelan

    If Athena calms down long enough to apply some logic to this she’ll realise that Al is still collared meaning Ethan is still alive; Ethan is butt naked which while an interesting way to try to murder someone takes more effort than killing them clothed; and while bruised and battered Ethan may look, anyone with a passing medical understanding should be able to work out how they got there, and what sort of activities lead to that kind of injury.

    So no Al, it’s exactly what it looks like.

  • Jessica

    I honestly can not get enough of this page!! The reactions, the intensity, AL’S EXPRESSIONS! I was also looking for details and I noticed that even Al has some scratches, he did not tossel ’round with Ethan and go unscathed.😉😉

  • Nick Strobelight “It was at this moment, Al knew… He fucked up. Quite literally.”

  • the ‘HFUH’ face. .omfg.. i spit out my water…
    i have to clean my screen now…..

  • Nagareboshi

    I can’t be the only one that feels this bares a slight resemblance to this vine:

    • Hahahaaa – I’ve seen so many draw-over animations of ppl’s OCs with this vine!

  • Anelir

    Fucking love the look on his face in bottom left XD

  • Cipher

    “Fuck Buddies!”

  • Micha Johnson

    Anybody else notice Ethan’s ass?

    • NoiseShaper

      I don’t think there’s anybody left who hasn’t! 😁

  • MOAauthor

    Heh, oops

  • Mischa Sinclair

    Perfect faces! >u< I love this comic and can't ever wait to get the next update! Al is definitely my favorite character.

  • Brittany

    i relate to Al on a spiritual level in that center panel
    basically me any time i have to wake up not on my own

    • Saaaame – that pose is me every single weekday morning when my alarm goes off haha

  • Don’t these rooms have locks?

    • Yep – but Athena had the key from before, when Ethan gave it to her to be able to monitor Al

  • Sherbed Lemon

    I just love this page so much I don’t know why but it’s really cute and entertaining

  • Anonymoose

    He gave him hell <3

    • NoiseShaper

      Only the good kind, of course! 😁

  • Anonymoose

    If she had come a little earlier she probably wouldn’t need an explanation for the multitude of sores, scratches, bites, and lakes :-3

  • Akamar

    Oh god the faces

  • FujoshiLife

    “What did you DO to him?!!”
    He gave him the best time of his life!!

  • Angel Rosemond

    I’ve said once and I’ll say it again: ATHENA FOR PRESIDENT!

    • NoiseShaper

      Could be worse!

      Wait – it is worse! 🤢

  • TwilightDreamer

    Oooooopsieeeee……. XD
    Haha!! XD well isn’t that Karma for you? Love that for once it’s Al stumbling for an explanation whilst Ethan is out like a light XP

  • Tris

    Every time the plot turns, I swear, it gets more absurd and funnier. I absolutely adore this comic. Any plans for books?

    • Eventually, yes! I need to prepare the old pencil pages for print first, but then I’ll look into getting the first and second parts printed (*•̀ᴗ•́*)و ̑̑

      • Tris

        I understand! I bought Starfighter (I see from your Links page you are a fan) and I want yours in print, too! I’m hopeful that No Way will go to print, as well!

  • Judy

    I KNEW she’d catch them!

  • Judy

    Also look at Ethan’s poor bruised butt :'(

  • Artemis

    “Don’t be so loud!!” You weren’t complaining last night.