• fujoshifanatic

    How awesome is this page! First off, Athena is family! Yay! Her boo is cute and I like her piercings (this military is pretty lenient in how their recruits present; love it!). And most awesome of all, you showed how us Black girls “pineapple” our hair at night to keep our curls cute! that’s such an awesome detail that I’ve never seen in other comics! Kudos to you for the details you put into the diverse races/genders/body types/species you present in this comic! You make it so worth it for me to support you on Patreon!

    • Ivoriania Phillips

      Asmodeus is just so awesome, aren’t they????? ๐Ÿ˜„

    • Evui

      As my hair is literally tied up like that AT THIS MOMENT, I was about to comment my gratitude as well <3 thank you for that Asmo! It's so little but it means a lot.

    • SiennaS

      I was about to make the same comment! Also, I want her kitty scarf.

    • Some of my favorite parts of drawing this comic are the quiet, personal scenes with characters, so I’m glad details like this can ring true for my awesome readers! Thank you! (ยฐโ—กยฐโ™ก).:๏ฝก

      • NoiseShaper

        I personally love it when stories ground their characters in real life and don’t just throw them into one insane spectacle after the other without actually developing them.

        • It’s been a fun challenge trying to balance the action/plot heavy scenes with the character development scenes! Making this comic continues to be quite the experience, hah โ™กโœง( เฅโ€ขโŒ„โ€ข )

          • NoiseShaper

            And reading it is a much more enjoyable one because of such scenes! ๐Ÿ˜

            I think the balance is pretty good so far.

    • Chipping in as a fellow black girl comic reader to say I also appreciate this (though, as someone with straightened hair, I didn’t notice it as much) and again THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for all the diversity!

  • Ivoriania Phillips

    GIRLFRIENNNNNNNNDS!!!! ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜ And it’s the tiny medic to boot! ๐Ÿ˜

    • NoiseShaper

      She’s great! (And I don’t think we’ve met her girlfriend before.)

      Good to see she’s happy when she’s not bossing patients around (well, maybe she enjoys that, too…).

      • Ivoriania Phillips

        Bossing people around comes with the territory, lol. But, ahhhh, I really hope we see more of her girlfriend. Honestly, I hope we see more of all the characters, ha ha! (I miss bby Iblin and Cassie!)

    • SiennaS

      Accurate. The morning is evil.

  • Love all the details on the sheet too!

    But, do you mean even this world has been denied access to the International System of Units? No 1m98cm or 119kg for Al?

    • Hasume Okaasan

      I’m more fascinated by the fact his temp is 102.5 F and blood pressure seems really, really low. Although that might actually be normal for demons in human guise? And yeah, this demon boy is TALL. So many cool details, here!
      And Troy is even… taller? Dang!

  • Glew

    “Let’s see *who the grouch is doing” fixed it for ya doc ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Stephen Hutchison

    AHAHAHA! Looking at backgrounds during a reread…

    http://ea.asmodrawscomics.com/comic/part-2-pg-110/ Fourth panel in the background it sure LOOKS like Athena’s girl here is sitting in the background eating with someone who may not be Athena. (Given how busy she is, probably not a Big Thing.)

    also, here http://ea.asmodrawscomics.com/comic/part-2-pg-123/ Athena is in the background. This is really some good sneaky foreshadowing work with these characters.

    • I agree, the level of continuity in this comic is really awesome!