• Stephen Hutchison

    You have no clothes to hide behind in the underworld.

    Wait, underworld has no underwear? That’s … understandable I guess.

    • Cipher

      Who needs underwear when the guys are hot?

      • Stephen Hutchison

        Not ALL demons are going to be hot even if they’re all on fire.

        • Cipher

          Why must you ruin this for me? xD Besides hotness is subjective.

        • I’m sure Asmo will make all the demons hot anyway. I’m not even sure Asmo knows HOW to draw unattractive people.

  • Crow

    bad guys’ uniform appears to be weird stuff stuck in their backs n dicks out. they remind me of the bad guys in Road Warrior… my favorite baddies of all time

    • Oh my god that movie was a trip! I’m pocketing this as a compliment haha

      • Crow

        yes, please do!! I grew up watching Mad Max & Road Warrior is one of my favorite movies of all time (‘:

  • NoiseShaper

    So cats are sneaking, meeowing spy cams for demonkind!

    That explains a few things…! 😈

    • Stephen Hutchison

      Well, THAT cat is, with his ears and tail colored like Malthus’ hair.

      • NoiseShaper

        True – it may not apply to all cats!

        • Consider cats to be the security cams to the human world – eyes anywhere, anytime!

          • NoiseShaper

            And apparently their privacy protections are about the same as any off-the-shelf chinese nannycam, too…! 😎

            (Not that there was any privacy left to protect at this particular moment, of course!)

          • Stephen Hutchison

            So if cats are portals to the Underworld for anyone to snoop through… and they are also one of the more common familiars… does this mean that the familiars really DO give the demons access to the human? Or do humans who have cat familiars know how to reset the password? And if so, do they know they are doing that?

  • Justa Virgo

    Omg…I have never been so happy for an update in my life. ≥///≤

  • fujoshifanatic

    Hm. I have a kitty who has contrasting whisker coloring like this, and she can be quite the evil bully to the other kitties, even when she’s being sweet to me. This would explain a lot…

    • I think about this scene now whenever I catch my cat staring at me before slinking around a corner, haha

      • SpectreWulff

        MY GODS! I must have done something truly bad; I’ve got over a dozen cats wandering around the farm “spying” on me. What have I down?…

  • NoiseShaper

    The fire eating away at Eshu looks great, by the way!

    • Thanks! Collector’s designs are fun to do╭( ・ㅂ・)و

  • Eshu as Exu from african religion?? as Orixá?

    • 🙂 I like giving a nod to those trickster spirits!

      • I am pretty sure you don’t know it and didn’t have any intention of doing so, but in Brazil religions like Candonblé or Umbanda that have strong connections with African roots are demonized. To the point that the meaning of Orixá Exu became a synonym to demon in Portuguese. In a way that this religions are constantly meaning of bad things. To the point that people (mostly black people) who practice Candonblé and Umbanda are demonized for following such beliefs. So I had double take on the use of Eshu here. I have no idea which turn you will take with your story but I just hope you would understand that demonizing African gods isn’t the very best move.

        • Ah, I had no idea this was the case! Unfortunately the names I found thru some basic research left out such implications. I of course have no intention of offending or implying anything by using that name for this character, so I will edit his name to something made-up. Thanks for bringing this to my attention and my apologies for my misstep!

          • Thank you for understanding. <3

  • Kindred????

    • Last time we saw this guy, he called Al “Brother”.

      Last time we heard the name “Malthus”, it was the name of the collector that fucked up Adrian and Stryker. And presumably most of the Exorcists’ ranks.

  • I used to think that the Collectors all had some kind of hellish cigarette between their lips all the time, but now that I’m paying attention, they all exhale smoke. That’s such a great touch, and you do a BEAUTIFUL job with it!

  • Sparkle Farts

    ok seriously, literally dying from this hover text XD

  • Gaelan

    you have a real talent in drawing the nicest looking cocks I ever have seen. Kudos.

    their dicks ain’t bad either 😉