Part 2: Pg 201

Two pages for you in this update, starting here!

Al might have worn Ethan out, but Ethan’s learning what Al likes too, and the two do their best to soak those bedsheets ԅ(≖‿≖ԅ)

  • i_need_a_pharmacist


  • ali

    thats uh pretty good

  • tokiohcom

    I got so excited when I saw you posted, and you certainly did not disappoint. 😛

  • Nick Strobelight

    This is some gooood shi– *notices both headlights are on, proceeds to squee at how cute that is to me instead of focusing on what’s really going on*

  • Playout

    Rough sex + tender expressions = be still my heart!

  • OMFG! I need more!!! I Adore their expressions the mooooost!

  • Jessica

    Bond has reached maximum potential. That 80%-90%has now been decimated.
    There’s no going back now Ethan.

  • fujoshifanatic

    Hm. Ethan’s Demon Sight came fully on. Does Al turn into something that can only be seen with that vision? Interesting. Oh, and the sex is definitely HOT. I’m surprised the bed hasn’t melted from all that heat.

    • Well they say you gotta draw the sex scenes you wanna see in the world – I wanted a ten alarm fire, haha
      ೕ( ・ㅂ・)و / / /

  • Demi Lochlan

    I aint even the one having sex but rereading the last few pages has me fiendin for a cigarette and a drink hot damn!

  • fanfic3112

    Yummy! I love how Ethan is so into it with gusto! Wreck me bite me claw fuck the hell of me til I can’t walk!

    • Ethan is an -enthusiastic- lover (*•̀ᴗ•́*)و ̑̑

  • Angel Rosemond

    Heeeeeey, only one of you’re eyes is supposed to be like that, Ethan. What happened?

  • They work well together…

  • Nóra Szilágyi

    Hooooly shiiiiit DAMN this scene wrecked me, awesome work! But! But.
    It’s all fine and sexy and all, but with Ethan’s Demon Sight full out… I fear what’s next. I hope something after-sex cuddling and fluff, and not something heartbreaking… oh boy

    • Awww now would I do something terrible and heartbreaking? That doesn’t sound like me at aaaaaaaall ٩( ᐛ )و

      • Stephen Hutchison

        slow. golf. clap.

  • I don’t think that’s the intended use of the power. *Snicker*

  • annatheginger

    This is all I’ve ever wanted, ever. Like holy fuck. Or UNholy fuck, ayyyyy amirite

    Now I’m just laughing at my own joke like a scrub, no one look at me okay

    • Batty

      You are indeed right ROFL like whoa Nelly godDAMN those two are hot. Unnggghhh

    • Jermany

      If I find my jokes funny enough, I high five myself. No shame, hon 😛

  • Batty

    Hottttttt. So hot. But yeah, with his sight like that….. I is concerned lol and turned on at the same time… Which is confusing lol

  • Dat boy

    When I saw an update, I literally faded out ahah well now I want someones reaction to marks left by Al on Ethan’s neck 😉 AND WHAT THE HELL IS THAT “Al?”, ETHAN WHAT THE- WHY YOUR EYES ARE SO.. EXORCIST RIGHT NOW?? WHYY YOU WANT TO BREAK MY HEART ASMO
    Ok I’m fine I suppose (not)

    • Skudplastr

      His geass has become so strong he can’t turn it off!

      • Kyden

        All right, calm down Lelouch.

  • Rema

    I’m kinda wondering if Al’s gonna get a bit feral.

    • Ashen

      I’m thinking he didn’t want to go all the way with Ethan just yet because it might reveal something through their Bond that Al isn’t ready to share, like a piece of his past or his feelings?

  • Stephen Hutchison

    And Ethan looks a LOT like a certain previous demon hunter in that last panel. Also? Tail quiver. Like. A. Cat.

    • (•̀ᴗ•́)

    • That’s TWICE now Al’s been confirmed to be a cat

      • In a patreon sketch he’s been caught purring, so, I mean….hmmm

  • Fiona Southwell

    I’m not imagining that Ethan turned both headlights on ON PURPOSE, right? I read that line correctly, didn’t I??? O_O He *wants* to see what Al *really* looks like in this state…….

    Hot (*•̀ᴗ•́*)و ̑̑

    As an aside I discovered this comic a week ago and I am going to d i e waiting two weeks for the next update.

    • Batty

      You know I completely missed the on purpose angle for his headlights, you might be onto something lol

      As an aside to your aside ME TOO ISN’T IT FRIKKIN AWESOME!!! ACK!! I found the banner for it while catching up on my Starfighter XD

      • Fiona Southwell

        S A M E. No regrets!

        But definitely, I noticed both headlights came on in conjunction with that line! I think he’s doing it on purpose so he can *see* Al ‘lose it’. >8]

        • Batty

          Yeah, and I hope we get an image of that in the next update…. Hn. So hot

  • fanfic3112

    Oh yeah baby bite me slap that ass and pound it hard..yummm!

  • Hasume Okaasan

    Methinks when Al lets go, his horns or some other sign of his rank will be visible with both headlights on. How will ethan respond? Do demons cuddle? I’m hoping Al’s a cuddler.

    • After the day these two have had, I’d be in serious need of a cuddle or ten for sure

  • Teq

    Goddamnit this is the hottest thing I have ever seen. Like seriously, my longest yeah boy ever kind of amazing. Damn.

    • Your avatar feels oddly appropriate for this comment, haha ( ᐛ )و

      • Teq

        Ahaha yeah! That was pretty much my reaction 😀 Keep up to awesome work! ^^

  • Micha Johnson

    all I have to say is….Dayum

  • NoteLegend

    FUCKIN ABS. (•O•)/

  • Kyden

    Well fuck

  • Guettopig

    Do you update once a week or once every two weeks?

    • Once every two weeks with two pages at a time!

      • Guettopig

        Is it on a specific day?

        • Whoops yes – Saturday!

          • Ashen

            Sooo… next Saturday? (*•̀ᴗ•́*)و ̑̑

          • Yep – the 24th!

      • Victor

        This is SO cruel!

        • I know, right there with you haha. The dream is to one day do comics full time! 🙂

          • Victor

            You should! You really should! You’re very talented! But I think you’d have to give up the sexual parts and work on more mainstream subjects.

          • Stephen Hutchison

            One should never give up one’s sexual parts to be mainstream.

            Especially not when one does so well with them.

            Seriously, I discovered that one of the most successful writers in Science Fiction paid for his house… with porn.

          • Yeah I’ve accepted I’ll never be mainstream, but that’s alright – I really love drawing EA!

  • Victor

    Can I marry the writer? This is so beautifully written and drawn! Great story and characters​! I really love this!

    • Ahh, thank you! (⺣◡⺣)♡

  • Kristine Kalnaja

    Damn! Thats epic! Found this via Hamlet’s Starfighter. And woah, im glad! Couldn’t focus on work! And then, at home, read all the way through. Thank you so much for such an amazing comic!

    • Batty

      SAME!! Love me some starfighter!!! And now I’m addicted to this too <3

    • Thanks so much for checking it out! ( •͈ᴗ•͈)

      • Batty

        Best thing you ever did was get a banner on SFs page LOL

        • Hah – I’m always curious to know how new readers find me but this month is no definitely no mystery ₍•͈ᴗ•͈₎ SF is a wonderful comic, I hope I can entertain half as well!

    • Otaku_greg

      I did too. I didn’t know that much webcomics, so not all advertising is bad or annoying.

  • Batty

    So hot. Totally worth the wait. I love Als facial expressions. Fucking awesome ^^•-•^^

  • Ashen


    • Stephen Hutchison

      Speculate. Except that it’s torture for Asmo because we may or may not be close, and the story MUST remain secret until it’s not.

      • I wanna blab all the story secrets all the time, haha – waiting to tell it through the comic is really hard!

    • SpectreWulff

      I know how you feel! Not long ago, I stumbled upon EA so I started from the beginning and eventually hit the last page. Now, the waiting is killing me! So, you aren’t alone…lol

  • Otaku_greg

    I caught up with the comic in 2 days. This story is so good, I can’t stop loving it. I had to clean the floor Cuz there was blood all over the place from my nosebleeds (Fanboy confirmed )

    • Haha – maybe I should add a disclaimer to the About page: May cause substantial loss of blood

      • Otaku_greg

        Yeah, and may turn you in a fanboy/girl

  • Stephen Hutchison

    So Al’s “O” face goes CHOMP.

  • Atlas

    I’ve caught up like in 1 hour so WHAT DO I DO NOW ?
    Also your drawing style is similar to mine but I love yours more
    it is like advanced level of my art style LOL I love everything about this comic