• i_need_a_pharmacist


  • tokiohcom

    Oh gawd. I need some air. *fans self*

  • Evui

    Omg I just noticed!! Ethan’s got both headlights on!! Uh ohhhh

    • Jon

      Yeah, both his eyes are like that suddenly. I wonder why….

  • SpectreWulff

    DAMN!…(panting)…No comic has ever made me do that before! Whew! How I’d just luv to have me a tail like Al! DAMN!…Gotta take a breath….

  • wow, they are hot, funny and sweet all at the same time!!!

  • Stephen Hutchison

    Page 200. The Internet is for Porn.

  • Rowan Daniels

    What’s with Ethan’s eyes?