• anikemensboner

    reminds me of Cain but WAY more possessive and aggressive lol

    • lara

      Reaaaaaaaaaally that much more possessive and aggresive? ;P

    • Ashen

      Reminded me of him as well, though perhaps not TOO much more possessive/aggressive… <..>

  • Stephen Hutchison

    Another re-read…

    So. Unlisted suggests that they have a list of some sort. Yet, the (…. hmmm Spoiler Space?) ((Nope. Spoiler space doesn’t work. Snipping it back out.))
    (derp de derp)

    Yet the C-Class demons are babies, allowed to be captured so they can learn better than to be lured by ‘fake’ bridges to the solid world. (Allowed may mean ‘not protected from’ in this case.)
    So does that mean, they know some of them because they were foolish enough to get caught twice?
    Or is it because they have a formulary that lets them predict what C-Class demons will ‘feel like’ to the capture spell so that they are more easily manipulated?
    I suspect this might be a case of ‘hmm, do I need to revise this when I redraw?’ where later thoughts on the matter might be clearer than the preliminaries. Or, perhaps the humans are simply not really sure WHAT they’re doing.

    • Ah yeah, the early page dialogue really needs some tweaking. Don’t read too much into that “unlisted” term since the more I worked on building out the …lore I guess is the best word? it doesn’t really fit in anymore. The only point Cap needs to be making here is that this demon falls outside the norms for this process! There’s a few odd sentences here and there in these old pencil pages that I need to toss out or rework because they’re outdated.
      Sorry about that, script growing-pains and all! It’ll be fixed as soon as I can get this page inked and colored. 🙂

      • Stephen Hutchison

        Early Bird World Building. In a book published all at once this kind of thing is supposed to get fixed in the edit phase, but it’s amazingly common.

  • nyctophilia

    *has flashback*
    “Mine will have a scar”

  • nyctophilia

    I’m re-reading for like the millionth time and I just now noticed in the 2nd panel that Al is wagging his tail like a fucking dog

  • ofwaterfall

    The seers are okay! I love the main characters too much to joke about them today, so the no-names are getting attention.