• Whatever

    I love this page! The little bits we get about their demons’ personalities are fun and they tell us a lot about each exorcist also.

    • I especially enjoyed the mental picture of a demon playing video games 🙂

  • Phantom Cat

    What can I say? Arcades are worth it, be it in one dimension or the next!

  • anikemensboner

    Im the arcade demon

  • the ghostiest ghost

    I have a feeling Al is going to punch Adam in the face in the future

  • Yet need more on the sight! My hunger for knowing isn’t satisfied lol

    • Haha – what are you needin’ to know? (°◡° )

      • hmmmm lets see, how the connection is made, why it is made, what happens if the connection stays connected, what happens to the demon if they are connected to humans and how Ethan couldn’t turn off 1, how he did manage to turn off 1 LOL… don’t have to really explain is just what my mind keeps asking around xD

  • Mandy Pepper

    Why are Demons called Mutts? And would Ethan constant connection to Al make him more powerful?

    • It’s a derogatory name that’s stuck over the years from wearing “collars” and being kept captive. Exorcism’s not the nicest business, unfortunately!