• lara

    oooooooooooohoho boy….

  • Eyrist

    The battle for dominance begins !!

    • NoteLegend

      Mmm… not with that goatee.

  • Rereading this comic (mostly for the funny hover text) I can’t truly believe that Al went through all of this- finding Ethan’s room, talking him down, stalking him for a little to hassle him some more- while disoriented from coming through the Void. The boy is lyin’.

    And speaking of the Void, I would seriously like to see the visual aspects of coming through the Void through a demon’s eyes. One minute you’re with you bros, all nude and burning up in the smoky depths of Hell, the next you’re zapped through some syphoning hole and flying through space and time and you’re just… in a room, surrounded by humans. Still naked with your whole dinglebusiness out. At least, that’s how I imagined it.