• You are re-drawing the first set. Cool. 🙂

    • Slowly but surely finishing those old penciled pages 🙂

      • Nana la Enana

        Does it sound strange if I say that I love the penciled ones?

        • I suppose there’s a certain charm to the old pages! 🙂 They’re hard for me to look at hah

          • Nana la Enana

            It’s not because they are old, I found out about this comic just the other day (and I already really love it). There is something great about how fresh and free they look, The colored ones are wonderful, but in the penciled ones is where I can really see how skilled you are. There is something that gets lost in the process of making them more commercial.
            I don’t mean that I prefer those, both are great, I think I’d love to be able to have both versions.

          • That’s fair! I do think there’s a big difference between my sketches and the finishing process that kinda loses that loose quality, unfortunately. I hope one day I can manage to hit that sweet spot! And thanks so much for reading, I’m psyched you’re enjoying it 🙂