Exorcism Academy: Exorcise your demons

At the Exorcism Academy, agents are trained to operate in the field, to exorcise demons from the people and places they inhabit. To exorcise demons, you need a demon’s Sight and Strength. To get it, you’ve got to be willing to bond with a demon ripped from The Void. And sometimes, what comes through The Void will take you to dark places you never thought you’d visit.

This is a NSFW 18+ comic.There’s foul language, violence, religious themes/implications, nudity, and graphic gay sex, so beware!

If you’d like to read the censored version of this comic (sexual nudity is blacked out), it’s available on Tapas!

Email: asmodrawscomics @ gmail dot com

General FAQ

When does this comic update?

Every other Saturday with two pages uploaded at a time!

Why are some of the pages in pencil and the rest are inked and colored?

When I first started EA I didn’t have access to a tablet monitor and felt I could complete pages faster if I kept them as pencils. The further I got in, however, the more I decided I’d rather have a uniform look, and once I picked up a tablet I began doing pages digitally instead of traditionally. I’m working on completing all of the early penciled pages in order to make a published book/digital downloads in the future!


The Comic FAQ

What is Sight? Sight is an ability exorcists acquire from captive demons. Sight allows an exorcist to see spirits/demons from the Underworld and is necessary for exorcism. Once paired with an exorcist, a captive demon loses this ability until their bond is broken. When Sight is active, the pupil and iris turn white, while the sclera turns black.  

What is Strength? Strength is an ability exorcists acquire from captive demons. Strength fuels an exorcist’s weapon, which once has manifested as a blade or other tool, is used to exorcise demons. Once paired with an exorcist, a captive demon continually supplies an exorcist with their Strength. Strength is a finite resource and once depleted, an exorcist cannot use their weapon or create Sanctuary until their demon has rested.

What is Sanctuary? Sanctuary is a defensive structure created using demonic strength. It provides a space in which an exorcist remains safe from a demon attack. Exorcist’s weapons will not work inside Sanctuary.

What is a Seer? Seers are also known as “half-breeds”, though the term is considered vulgar. Seers are defined as human/demon hybrids spawned by the pairing of a human woman and an incubus somewhere in their family history. Seers manifest the ability to use Sight and create a small Sanctuary without the use of a demon partner, and often have one withered limb. Seers can detect the presence of any demon with a strong aura (most often, a Collector demon) by a pain response in their withered limb. Seers are often in their forties or fifties when abilities manifest. They cannot wield an exorcist’s weapon.

What is a Clairvoyant? A clairvoyant (a “clairy”) is someone who is good at sensing demonic activity to varying degrees in people, places, or sometimes in objects, which makes them a valuable commodity to the Academy. Clairvoyants are especially susceptible to being possessed themselves, and as such must be closely monitored when working in the field. Once possessed by a Lurker demon, clairvoyants will give false readings, are rendered comatose, or worse.