New Character Reference Sheet

There’s a new character guide in the Gallery link! There’s quite a few characters to keep track of so I thought this might help new readers and seasoned ones alike keep ’em straight (although…surprisingly few of them are straight. Hehe. Heh.) 🙂

  • Gaelan

    The women?

    Oh and I guess Brock could be.

    • There’s a bit of a mix up there, for sure! Some become apparent later. Brock, much to some’s disappointment, is straight as an arrow 🙁

      • New reader here, and the gallery surely helps to sort them out – I really like what I’ve seen so far!
        So, as “straight as an arrow” Brok has no use for him besides on the battle field – could I borrow Devi?

        • Thank you! I hope you like where things are going as the story progresses. Ahh, silent, stoic Devi – he does have himself some fans, haha 🙂