Part 2: Pg 195

Two pages in this update, start HERE!

Ethan accepts d’nicest seat in d’whole house and things…suuuuuure do happen.

(ノ・д・)ノ !!!! The next several updates will be graphic and very NSFW please be careful when you click links haha ヾ(・д・ヾ) !!!! If you’d rather read the censored pages, you can do that on Tapas!



Update: On the mend!

Hello readers! It occurred to me that I haven’t updated in a bit and I thought maybe you’d like to know what’s up: I’m doing a lot better! I had inadvertently made my right arm worse before I knew I had tendinitis, then overworked my left arm trying to compensate, then I was essentially left sitting on the couch with both arms wrapped up in ice and wrist splints for two and a half weeks going stir crazy thinking about how much I wanted to draw, haha. I think I should be good to go this weekend to start working on pages again – though I’m know I’m going to have to take it easy until I feel confident I’m not going to re-aggravate anything. I will do my best to deliver you a new page as soon as I can get it done! It might be slow going for a while but please bear with me, and thanks for your patience. 🙂



Soooooo just a heads up, folks! I hurt my wrist last week and haven’t been able to work on any pages because of it. Since I’ve never injured my wrist before, I’m heeding the advice of my fellow artists who gave me plenty of ominous warnings that trying to work through wrist pain wasn’t a good idea and would extend the healing process. Unfortunately, that means I’m really behind in my work on both Patreon and the comic, but I really don’t want to make it worse by trying to draw when I should be resting it.

Might have one page ready by Saturday, but I’ll have to see how it goes! :\


Recap Comic 2

I did a goofy “recap” comic when EA first started way back in the day (it’s been 2 years? holy heck) and I did another one recently. Click HERE to see the full comic! 🙂



Turkish Wrestling


Full sketch comic HERE

I’m currently super excited that Turkish Wrestling is a Real Legitimate Sport, so expect a lot of oiled-up wrestling EA characters popping up here and there, haha. If Al and Ethan were to wrestle, I can guarantee you Al wouldn’t Get The Point and make up his own game rules, haha.