little white lie never hurt anyone right

Part 2: Pg 162

Three new pages this week, starting here!

Ethan tries to return Al’s favor in some small way and is taken aback by Al’s reaction, while Malki leaves it up to Ethan to decide what story, if any, they’ll craft to tell everyone else. Adam and Ethan trade some friendly words, and Iblin comes to his own conclusions about Finley’s demise…


New Character Reference Sheet

There’s a new character guide in the Gallery link! There’s quite a few characters to keep track of so I thought this might help new readers and seasoned ones alike keep ’em straight (although…surprisingly few of them are straight. Hehe. Heh.) 🙂


Mini Comics Part 2

Another set of character prompt asks 🙂

PS: If it’s too small for you to read, right click the image and “open image in new tab” so you can embiggen’ it!Tumblr Answers - Character Meme 2


Mini Comics

A while ago I found a character meme with a number of prompts that you could answer in regards to your characters. I let readers pick some they were interested in and instead of typing something out, I answered with goofy mini comics.  I uh…had fun with it, haha.Tumblr Answers - Character Meme 1


Smut Happens

“Boy I sure do have a lot of work to do on these next pages!” I think, sitting down at the desk enthusiastically

:immediately begins drawing smut: 

fooling around

Welp ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ



Valentine’s Day Sex Drive 2016

This year I took part in the VDSD event, which is a perfect excuse to draw your characters being rude and nude. Or…taking nude selfies in threesome fantasies, whatever is your thing.

Lemme Take a Selfie

At least these mooks didn’t pull duckfaces.

Wanna see more entries in the VDSD event? There’s a ton waiting for you below!

Valentine’s Day Sex Drive 2016

Vas n’ Ram – 3 Dangly Bits | MonicaNG – MoonSlayer | Nick Greaves – The Great Isle of Prentil | NoiV – The Secrets of the Afterlife | Emy Bitner – Trying Human | Hiro Odan – Bridge University | Jackarais – Bicycle Boy | Krazy Krow – Spinnerette | Nunc Dimittis – Res Nullius | Rd Ashes – Dyerin’s Line | Amy Letts – Epic Fail | Ebenezer Splooge – Portcall Uranus | Ebenezer Splooge – PronQueens | Ebenezer Splooge – Mammazon | Ebenezer Splooge – Hentai Poster Company | Ebenezer Splooge – Magical Virgin Princess Training Academy | Ebenezer Splooge – PronQuest | Andrew Hunter – Delve | F. T. Benjamins – Winners and Losers | Dave Barrack – Grrl Power | Mike Aston and Shaun Nicholls – Lacey Investigations | Captaingerbear – Grant | Niauropsaka – Raspberry Rain | TK Doherty – Nikki Sprite | Lou Graziani – CyBoar | Mark Egan – Bata Neart | Mark Egan – Back Office | Spaces and Tempo – Yestergirls | Jeremy Begin – After the Dream | Heather Meade – dream*scar | R(ed) – Meiosis | argylefox – Indifferently Evil | jeromatic – Jeromatic Tales | jeromatic – Bunny Wiggins | Zach Vanzile – West Tree Academy of Heroes | yellowgerbil – Zoe the Vampire | John Harrington – The Savage Sword of Sharona | Sean Harrington – Spying With Lana | Peter Anckorn – By The Book | Alli Perry – Out of My Element | Caley Tibbittz Collopy – Eternal Knights | Byron Wilkins – 1977 the Comic | Kami – Get Your Man | The Blood Teller – Alvery Nerveaux’s Secret Case Files | Vas Littlecrow Wojtanowicz – Velvet Rasputin | Bearalzebub – Devilbear: The Grimoires of Bearalzebub | Stef Marcinkowski – Sarah Zero


A Big Update Coming Your Way…

There’ll be a hefty 7 page update coming your way soon – wrapping up Part 1 of Exorcism Academy. I thought about splitting it into two updates, but I really kinda want them to be read in one go as there’s a lot going on.

I’ll be away for the holidays, so Part 2 will likely begin the first week of January to give me time to work on the pages. So much is gonna happen in this next part and I’m stoked to get to it! 🙂

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