Teach him, Adrian

Part 2: Pg 176

It’s update Saturday and there’s four new pages for you, starting HERE!

A hundred years ago, an exorcist named Adrian LaFayette and a captured demon named Stryder take to the snowy football field…
It’s been a while since we’ve seen those faces, if you need a refresher:ea.asmodrawscomics.com/comic/part-1-pg-99


Recap Comic 2

I did a goofy “recap” comic when EA first started way back in the day (it’s been 2 years? holy heck) and I did another one recently. Click HERE to see the full comic! 🙂



Turkish Wrestling


Full sketch comic HERE

I’m currently super excited that Turkish Wrestling is a Real Legitimate Sport, so expect a lot of oiled-up wrestling EA characters popping up here and there, haha. If Al and Ethan were to wrestle, I can guarantee you Al wouldn’t Get The Point and make up his own game rules, haha.


New Character Reference Sheet

There’s a new character guide in the Gallery link! There’s quite a few characters to keep track of so I thought this might help new readers and seasoned ones alike keep ’em straight (although…surprisingly few of them are straight. Hehe. Heh.) 🙂


Mini Comics Part 2

Another set of character prompt asks 🙂

PS: If it’s too small for you to read, right click the image and “open image in new tab” so you can embiggen’ it!Tumblr Answers - Character Meme 2